Contributors Wanted!

It’s come to my attention that I can’t do everything.  This has been on my mind for quite some time.  Between my day job and now my little Etsy shop, it’s becoming harder and harder to churn out two quality posts every day.  I’m also looking to freshen things up around here and bring on a few different perspectives!  For that reason,  I’ve decided to do something new and different over here at S&S.  Effective in 2013, I will be bringing on a few select contributors!

Here are the details + expectations:

  • I’m looking for a commitment of 1-2 posts per month.
  • Quality photos and images are incredibly important to me.  For collages, I will supply a Photoshop template… for photo heavy posts, I need them to fit in well with the aesthetic of my own site (professionally done, or taken on your own with a good camera.)
  • You don’t need to have a blog, but it would help – especially as I’ll be linking back to you!

What’s in it for you:

  • All contributors will be featured on my (coming soon) contributors page) with a photo, short bio, and link to your site.
  • Your site will be linked back to at the beginning + end of each of your posts.
  • At this point in time, I am not yet able to pay my contributors.  You will however, receive significant exposure via my site + social media channels.
  • S&S averages between 12-15k pageviews per day, and continues to grow.  You will also be featured and linked to from my Twitter, Facebook, + Pinterest pages.

 Topics of Interest:

  • DIY (again, photos/imagery must be high quality)
  • Fashion + Style
  • Entertaining
  • Cocktails + Recipes
  • Art
  • Home / Interiors
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Design / Cool Stuff
  • Gift Guides (seasonal)
  • I’m open to additional ideas… feel free to pitch away!

Into it?

  • Please email me at, with the subject CONTRIBUTOR APPLICATION and your name or blog name
  • Things to include:  a link to your blog, a little bit about you, and why you want to contribute!
  • Include suggestions for potential names / ideas for your column.
  • Include two photos/examples of your work or a finished post idea.  Please keep image file size to no more than 1MB – my inbox is already out of control!
  • Deadline to apply:  1/1/13 // If you are chosen, you will be notified by 1/18/13.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Congrats, this is awesome! This is my bigger picture plan for TAGG too (when I brought Erin on, etc), and it’s a great way to add fresh ideas. Awesome move…. though I love hearing directly from you.

    12.12.12 Reply
  2. I wish I could but maybe I don’t have all the skills…

    12.13.12 Reply
  3. just dropped you a line! keeping my fingers crossed. what an awesome opportunity.

    12.13.12 Reply
  4. Very exciting! Will definitely be emailing you!


    12.13.12 Reply
  5. Oh I would love, love, love to do this. However, I am not yet in possession of a good camera and you should definitely not downgrade! I love your aesthetics and your content so I imagine there are brilliant people out there who love your blog as dearly as I do and so I trust you will chose very well among the contenders (in possession of perfect SLR-cameras). Have fun with it too!

    12.13.12 Reply
  6. Megan:

    There is a really great discussion going on about this on Holly’s blog:

    12.15.12 Reply
  7. I will email you in the next few days! Awesome opportunity, Grace. xo

    12.18.12 Reply