Comfy, Cozy + Close.


Did you know that 4 out of 10 men prefer their significant other in a comfy sweater and jeans over lingerie? I read this fact (provided to me by Downy as part of our partnership) and had to reread it again. Guys – is this actually true?  A few (more believable!) facts are that i) A majority of Americans agreed that they want to cuddle and stay in bed longer with their significant other when their clothing and sheets feel soft… and ii) nearly half of men said it would be sexier if their significant other dressed in clothing that was less revealing to leave something to the imagination. That’s where fabric softener comes in, and also that’s why I’m kinda loving Downy’s newest campaign (going live during this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion show), with the theme “Rip Your Clothes On.” You can view the behind the scenes here… I got a sneak peek at the spot and it’s all about getting close!

The thought behind this is that putting those extra layers on actually makes you want to get closer to your partner because of all that softness. And in the spirit of that, today I’ve put together a gift guide featuring my favorite comfy cozy want-to-get close pieces (all machine washable.)

Another thing about Downy that I just learned… and I may sound like an idiot city-dweller here… if you just wash your clothes vs. drying them (which I do a lot), you can still use fabric softener in the wash to help prevent them from feeling all crunchy when they hang dry. I do a lot of hand washing in my sink, and now I add the tiniest amount of Downy when rinsing… it makes a huge difference! Your clothes are softer, have less static, are less likely to pill… (and smell amazing.) More tips and tricks can be found here.

Downy’s new campaign will run during the Victoria’s Secret Show on 12/9… in the meantime, check out my fave soft + picks! In the meantime, cozy up with your person… and rip those clothes on! 😉

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Thank you to Downy for sponsoring this post.

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  1. I’m a sucker for cozy pajamas and lace bra & panty sets….gimme them all!!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    12.8.14 Reply
  2. Stephanie:

    I also hand wash in the sink with some Downy 🙂 Especially for my nicest clothes.

    12.8.14 Reply
  3. jillian:

    i have a robe on my christmas wish list!

    12.8.14 Reply
  4. I love nothing more than a cozy PJ Thank you for sharing!

    12.8.14 Reply
  5. Eberjay bralets and sweats are my favorite go to. A little sassy and super comfortable

    The Lady & The Beard

    12.8.14 Reply
  6. I love receiving cozy pj’s as a gift because that’s something I typically wouldn’t splurge on for myself. Covering those striped lounge pants and that light gray robe!

    12.8.14 Reply