Cold Spring.


Know how once we hit Spring, it is actually too cold to wear our Spring clothes?  That’s why I am so excited about Emerson Fry‘s latest “Cold Spring” Collection, which is full of boxy tops, cropped pants, and lightweight jackets that will carry you through til April or May when temps finally warm up for real.  Every year I splurge on a couple pieces.  It is going to be a tough decision, this time around.  The graffiti coat (pictured two photos down) is probably my favorite piece in the collection – it makes such a statement, especially if you are like me and wear a lot of black + neutrals.  Another top contender is this drop sleeve top in ocean-gray stripe.  I mean, you know how much I love stripes… the cut of this one is just too good.  I’d wear it with my favorite white jeans or my J.Crew Minnie Pants.  Lastly, I really love this simple skirt.  The wrap cut is really flattering.

Be sure to pop over and check out the full collection… and tell me your faves, too!




photos via Emerson Fry

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  1. The graffiti coat is stunning! Absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny.

    2.4.14 Reply
  2. Stunning, Grace! I always find myself in a bind for those spring-but-not-so-spring months. I can’t wait to check out the collection.

    xo, Macey Kate

    2.4.14 Reply
  3. LOVE Emerson Fry. I just need to do one more month of no nonsense purchases and one more closet purge before I can buy my first investment piece for Spring!

    2.4.14 Reply
  4. love boxy tops!

    2.4.14 Reply
  5. So true. It’s always a choice between wearing what I really want and freezing, or dressing for what the weather actually is. Thanks for sharing!

    2.4.14 Reply
  6. I love that boxy top!

    2.6.14 Reply