Cocktail: The Royal Promise.

royal promise cocktail recipe 2

Did you know that this week (June 1-7) is actually Negroni week? I did not, but I’m glad it is. (You can read more about it here, if you are so inclined… basically, bars around the world are mixing up their favorite Negroni variations and donating a portion of proceeds from each one sold to a charity of their choice.)

On Tuesday evening I attended an event to kick things off, where six different mixologists had created their own interpretation of the negroni. I tasted them all, but my favorite was the Royal Promise, created by Erick Castro of Boilermaker. (I should note that I shouldn’t have been surprised… Boilermaker is one of my fave spots in the East Village. It’s a great date spot as they have the yummiest cocktails but also… donut stars!) Lucky for us, I tracked down the recipe… so that we can all make this cocktail at home!

While a traditional negroni includes gin, vermouth, and campari… the Royal Promise actually uses Lillet and… tequila! It’s incredibly light + refreshing without being too sweet. It’s also incredibly easy to make, which is important.

royal promise cocktail ingredients

You’ll need light tequila (Castro recommends Espòlon Tequila Blanco, but my liquor store didn’t carry that so I used Camarena), Lillet (note that Erick used Lillet Rose), and Campari. You’ll also want a grapefruit (you will peel off a big piece of the peel for the garnish.)

royal promise cocktail recipe step one

In an old fashioned glass, add some ice. Note that I am a big fan of extra large sized ice cubes. I have this tray, which makes four giant ice cubes and it is awesome!

royal promise cocktail recipe step two

Combine 1 oz. Campari, 1/2 oz. Tequila, and 1 1/2 oz. Lillet, strain, and pour into your glass.

royal promise cocktail recipe step three

Add a big old grapefruit peel and you’re done!

royal promise cocktail recipe 3

royal promise cocktail recipe 4

royal promise cocktail recipe

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  1. Cy:

    I didn’t realize it was a world wide thing, but we are def doing it here in San Francisco. Mr. Holmes Bakeshop even created a “doughgroni” Negroni flavored donut for the occasion! This version looks great. Cheers!

    6.4.15 Reply
  2. Looks delicious — and love the photography!

    6.4.15 Reply
  3. This sounds so refreshing, thanks for sharing!

    6.4.15 Reply
  4. That old fashioned glass is gorgeous! I might have to try this…

    Xo Ally

    6.9.15 Reply
  5. Sloane:

    Where are these glasses from?

    6.11.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi Sloane,
      I’m trying to find out… they were a gift and weren’t marked, so I’m not quite sure! I will send you an email if I’m able to track ’em down.

      6.11.15 Reply
      • Paris:

        Oh I absolutely love if you shared the link to where these glasses are from

        11.17.21 Reply