Cocktail: Bacon Infused Old Fashioned.


So, if you follow me on Snapchat (I’m grace.atwood) you know I’ve been all about getting a little more domestic. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve gone from being the queen of Seamless to cooking all the time and I love it so much.

A few weeks ago, I made bacon jam (recipe here!) and afterward, I had all this bacon grease left over. So I decided to try something I’d heard about… bacon-infused bourbon. I know. I kinda still believe it exists! It’s MAGIC + surprisingly easy to make it, and there are a ton of delicious drinks you can make with it. I love it in an old fashioned… or on the rocks with a little bit of honey – yum!


So before we get to the cocktail recipe, I’ll tell you how to make the bourbon!

Simply take a bottle of bourbon and remove (i.e. drink) 1/3 cup. Replace 1/3 cup with warm bacon grease. Set the bottle aside and give it a good shake… and after a few hours, stick it in the fridge. I refrigerated mine for two weeks but it was because I forgot about it… but you really only need to let it sit for 3-5 days.

Once you’ve infused your bourbon, simply pour the bourbon out (over a metal strainer with a coffee filter over it.) Clean the bottle, and pour the bourbon back in. Done… and everyone will think you are a rockstar.


To make the cocktail, you just need your bacon bourbon, bitters (I love this brand — a discovery from Charleston), and Maple Syrup. Like I said earlier, you can also use honey (and it’s actually SO much better in my opinion) but then it wouldn’t be a real old-fashioned.



Pour two oz. bacon infused bourbon, 1/2 oz. maple syrup or honey, and a splash of bitters into a glass full of ice.


Let it sit for a few minutes to chill, and then give it a good stir.

Strain and serve UP… with a twist of orange! Sit back and enjoy.


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  1. yum! i’ll try bacon in anything – this looks delicious!

    3.23.15 Reply
  2. I’ve been wanting to make some bacon jam!!! And these cocktails are something my sister wouldl enjoy so I’ll making then got our next girls night.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    3.24.15 Reply