Club Monaco x Coqui Coqui


So this is pretty much my dream collaboration, basically. I don’t know if you picked up on it, but I have an unhealthy obsession with the Coqui Coqui in Tulum. Completely unhealthy, as evidenced by all of these posts. Since visiting in October {and going back last month} not a day passes that I don’t think about it. Whether its just dreaming of laying on the beach, thinking about their spa, or slathering myself in their Coco Coco Body Oil… I’m always thinking about it. It is my happy place.

So when Club Monaco emailed me to tell me that they were doing a collaboration with the Coqui Coqui I nearly screamed. As background, The Coqui Coqui was founded by Nicolas Malleville and Francesca Bonato who are infinitely cool. And beautiful. I met Francesca very briefly while I stayed there and may have stared at her very creepily. Besides owning the hotels, Francesca also has her own accessories + fashion line, Hacienda Montecristo. I did not buy any of her pieces while in Tulum because I spent all of my dollars on their fragrances. {Seriously – had to check another bag} but I loved them. Everything is really beautifully, thoughtfully crafted… and embodies the eco-chic, luxe hippie vibe that defines Tulum. For this collab, all of the pieces are handmade in Mexico – and inspired by the sights, sounds, and culture of the Yucatan.

This makes me like Club Monaco even more than before {I mean, I already loved them} but it just makes me so happy to see a larger retailer embrace such a global {and chic} mindset. Admittedly the pieces are pretty pricey but that won’t stop me from fantasizing about them – especially this dress.


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  1. jillian:

    love that bag! xo jillian

    4.25.14 Reply
  2. Love it! I have an unhealthy obsession with Club Monaco (I have a clearance outfit by my house, so everything on sale is 40-50% off extra). I’m looking forward to seeing the collaboration!


    4.25.14 Reply
  3. fashionsbit:

    cool selections ! I love the bag and dress!

    4.27.14 Reply