Cleansing with Honey and Mud.

cleansing with honey and mud1

Sometimes, to get really clean, you have to get a bit dirty/sticky first. And that’s the case with the products from today’s beauty story. Mud masks have long been a thing, so there’s no surprises there… but lately I’ve been seeing a lot of mud cleansers… honey cleansers, too! That was the inspiration behind today’s beauty story. Mud (especially clay) is amazing for your skin as it pulls out dirt and oil, exfoliates, and decongests the skin. Honey, on the other hand has a million magical properties. It’s incredibly nourishing to the skin but also possesses anti-bacterial properties… getting your skin incredibly clean without dehydrating it. I’ve been testing a slew of products containing honey and mud… here are my four favorites. With the exception of #2, they are all 100% natural!

ONE // May Lindstrom’s The Honey Mud is my favorite of all. (It’s also the most expensive, sorry). It’s a soothing, creamy cleanser that contains both clay AND honey. It’s all natural, smells like heaven – you’ll want to eat it… and it also doubles as a mask. The clay that it uses is halloysite (one of the world’s finest) so it gently exfoliates + decongests the skin. My skin feels amazing after using this… but never tight or stressed out (a lot of the mud masks I’ve tried really irritate my skin). This is one of the most decadent, luscious skincare products I’ve ever tried.

TWO // Pixi’s Glow Mud Cleanser is the best of the best of the drugstore cleansers that I tried. I found the formula to be very gentle and soothing… but it still managed to deep clean my skin, sucking the oil out of my pores. I keep this in the shower and use it when I want a deep clean but don’t have time for a mask. It also contains 5% glycolic acid (to exfoliate) and aloe vera, avocado + hyaluronic acid to plump and tone.

THREE // Om Aroma Company’s Detox Manuka Honey Mask is another super luxurious product. Wash your face, apply a thin layer of this… lay down, and place a hot (wet) wash cloth over your face. Inhale deeply and just breathe… leaving the cloth on for 5-10 minutes. The steam from the wash cloth will melt the honey into your skin allowing it to really work its magic. The┬áManuka honey is extremely healing so it actually encourages cell regeneration. It also contains papaya and apricot enzymes to brighten the skin..

FOUR // 2 Note Botanical Perfumery’s Honey Face Scrub is gentle and hydrating and I love that it’s a scrub. It also contains coriander and bulgarian rose. I accidentally happened upon this perfumery when I was up in Hudson Valley and I love everything they sell. The honey products are my favorite, though. This one also contains clay (kaolin) so once again you get that dual benefit. The clay sucks out dirt and impurities, and the honey deep cleans + nourishes skin. I like to apply this to my face after using a gentle cleanser. I’ll rub it over my skin using circular motions, and then leave it on for five minutes (not long enough for it to dry), before removing with a hot towel.

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  1. Merritt Beck:

    So helpful! Thanks for sharing!

    The Style Scribe

    2.29.16 Reply
  2. Erica:

    I’ve been using the May Lindstrom honey mask for 2 weeks and love it so far. You’re exactly right…it smells so good you’ll want to eat it!

    2.29.16 Reply
  3. Thuy:

    My favourite mud cleanser is GLAM GLOW’s daily cleanser ­čÖé SO GOOD. Was skeptical about the whole mud thing at first though.

    2.29.16 Reply