Classic Fall Style Staples.

classic fall street style | grace atwood, the stripe
sweater // jeans // loafers

Happy Monday! I have to be honest – as happy as I am that I cut my hair, these photos do make me miss it a little bit!!

Today I’m off to Miami for a little trip with Omega. I’ll be posting everything to Instagram stories so be sure to follow along… I think it’s going to be a fun one!

Anyway, all I wanted this Fall was a good pair of non-stretchy high-rise jeans. It wasn’t happening. I tried every brand. Literally. The cool girl styles (Anine Bing, Sézane) were particularly bad on me. Tight in the waist, baggy in weird parts of my leg… awful. I have thin legs and wider hips which is pretty much a recipe for disaster with this style of jeans. I didn’t look cool… I looked like a frumpy sausage. I’d size up and they’d just look weird and baggy – I could not find a single pair I liked! It got to a point where I was laying on my bed, on the verge of tears, sucking in my stomach… willing them to button up when I realized that it was time to give up on cool girl denim. Horrible!  All was not lost though – I found this pair (a last ditch effort) and I really love them. And they are on sale!!! They run true to size but if you are in between sizes, size up! (I’m 5’8 and usually a 28 or 29 and took a 29 in these).

Outfit Details: Equipment Sweater (a few years old, also love this!) // Citizens for Humanity Jeans // Gucci Jordaan Loafers // J.Crew Belt (old) // Vintage Hermes Birkin Bag // Monica Vinader Necklace // Monica Vinader Ring // Celine Sunglasses

classic fall street style | grace atwood, the stripe

Also OMG – thank you so much for all of your comments on yesterday’s post about being single!!!

Just in case you weren’t following along on Instagram stories, all of the emails, DM’s, and comments said one thing. Making new single friends as you get older is REALLY HARD. So I decided to try a little experiment. If you are looking to make more single girlfriends, send an email to with your city by end of day Wednesday. I’m making little email groups for every city. Then on Friday I will email each of the groups to connect you! I figured it can’t hurt. Making friends as an adult is hard, and if I can use this little community I’ve built to help you guys make new friends, I want to do that!!!

classic fall street style | grace atwood, the stripe

A word about my Birkin. I actually bought it a year ago! It was my Christmas present/year-end bonus to myself (when you are self-employed, you have to do these things for yourself!!!) I saved and saved and agonized over which one to get and ended up choosing this one. It’s actually from the late nineties and in such amazing shape. The Courchevel leather really stands the test of time – similar to the Caviar leather on a Chanel bag, it holds its shape and does not scratch.

So anyway, this was obviously a ridiculously big splurge (the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought, besides my domain name when I rebranded!), and one I certainly didn’t take lightly. But I was really terrified to wear it on the blog as it was so expensive. The internet can be mean and super critical. But anyway, something kinda just clicked a few weeks ago and I said eff it… I’m going to to put the bag on the blog! So here she is. I could not love her more. If you are thinking about splurging on one, I highly recommend The RealReal, and this leather as it’s flawless. They have great customer service, will answer all of your questions, and their authentication process is really thorough. It’s also a great place to sell designer items you no longer use/wear.

classic fall street style | grace atwood, the stripe classic fall street style | grace atwood, the stripe classic fall street style | grace atwood, the stripe classic fall street style | gucci jordaan loafers | grace atwood, the stripe classic fall street style | grace atwood, the stripe classic fall street style | grace atwood, the stripe classic fall street style | grace atwood, the stripe

Photography by Carter Fish.


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  1. Such a classic fall look, I love it! Your jeans are super cute too! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    11.6.17 Reply
  2. Basics/staples are my absolute favorite and you have picked some of my all time faves here. Love the Birkin as well – congratulations!!

    11.6.17 Reply
  3. You make that Birkin look so fresh and youthful! What a great piece in your collection!

    11.6.17 Reply
  4. Enjoy your bag, you have the right the spend your money however you see fit. Love this classic look and eek I will email. I could use more friend in my city.


    11.6.17 Reply
  5. Sarah Campbell:

    Hi Grace – I love your blog and all your fun Instagrams – I’ve especially enjoyed following the progress on your apartment (it’s gorgeous!). So I hope you won’t be offended but I’m a grammar nerd so…in this post you used the word “alas” incorrectly. I see this a lot on lifestyle blogs for some reason and I get the impression that there are a lot of smart, stylish women out there who think that “alas” is some sort of shorter version of “at last”, It’s not, it’s an interjection typically meant to express regret:

    Have fun in Miami!

    11.6.17 Reply
  6. Kelsey:

    Drooling over your BEAUTIFUL Birkin! Haters to the left!

    11.6.17 Reply
  7. I love your outfit! Those loafers are gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful Monday!

    11.6.17 Reply
  8. Natali:

    Basic, elegant and timeless outfit! I love your bag and shoes!

    11.6.17 Reply
  9. Cory:

    Love this casual look and love the bag even more! I am glad you decided to show it off.

    11.6.17 Reply
  10. Denise:

    love your look, and that gorgeous black sweater! Safe flight! xox

    11.6.17 Reply
  11. Cathy:

    I think that whole look is spot on for a casual day. And I really want those Gucci loafers. It makes me kind of sad that you were concerned about showing your Birkin but that is the world we live in right now I guess. Anyway, I am happy for you.

    11.6.17 Reply
  12. That bag is gorgeous! Obsessed!

    11.6.17 Reply
  13. Heather:

    it’s gorgeous and I love it!! So glad you posted it. Loved the way you styled the bag/jeans/loafers. This is a look I could pull off as a 49 year old!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

    11.6.17 Reply
  14. Stacey:

    Love this classic and simple look for fall.

    @stylingsofstacey |

    11.6.17 Reply
  15. Melissa:

    Love everything about this outfit, including that BAG. It’s beautiful. Great investment piece…

    11.6.17 Reply
  16. Betsie:

    You work hard, life is short and if we don’t take care of ourselves no one will. Enjoy! The bag is gorgeous.

    11.6.17 Reply
  17. Jenn:

    Best #treatyoself ever. As my mom always says, “You can’t take your money with you in the end!” You work so hard…why not have a beautiful, classic and timeless bag that you will treasure forever? Enjoy it 🙂

    11.6.17 Reply
  18. Anne Fahlgren:

    Good for you! You should celebrate your hard work and what a great thing to invest in

    11.7.17 Reply
  19. Your hair! Your outfit! You look fab in these photos!

    11.7.17 Reply
  20. The bag is gorgeous! I am loving this classic fall look, Grace!
    xoxo, Jenna

    11.7.17 Reply
  21. Love this casual fall look!


    11.7.17 Reply