Cinnamon Things!

This is just a mini post and quite niche, but something making me very happy: all the cinnamon things! You may have caught onto this but I am such a fragrance person. I worked in the industry for years before my job at BaubleBar and then blogging full time but I have certain scents I just love. Orange blossom (we talked about that on Substack, smoky fireplaces… but also gourmand scents like vanilla and cinnamon. The cinnamon obsession started probably fifteen years ago (pre-blog!) when I was at a holiday swap and wound up with a bottle of Philosophy Cinnamon Buns as my gift. It was heaven! It became my go-to body wash for years and something I looked forward to using. The whole shower felt like one big amazing cinnamon roll? It’s since expanded to other products.

Cinnamon Beauty Products

Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Body Wash

My gateway drug into the world of cinnamon products. Honestly? I thought this body wash was discontinued until I tried the Fenty body cream and remembered this. When I saw that it’s still around, I freaked out a bit. It just smells so good. Taking a shower makes your bathroom smell like you have something delicious in the oven. The fragrance is incredible; just trust me here. The best best best.

Fenty Beauty Butta Drop Refillable Warm Cinnamon Shimmering Whipped Oil Body Cream

This body cream is amazing. An ultra hydrating body cream with just a hint of shimmer. And that same delicious cinnamon fragrance. Too good. Also, it makes your legs look incredible. PS – not sure how long it will go on but it’s currently on sale right now!

InnBeauty Cinnamon Bun Glaze

The latest cinnamon favorite. Discovered accidentally but so glad I found it. It’s your basic nude lip gloss (the color is easy and universally flattering) with the yummiest cinnamon sugar flavor. My only problem is that I keep licking my lips! It tastes delicious, truly!

PS – got any cinnamon/cinnamon bun recs? I am all ears!

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