Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve. Where did the time go? This holiday season was a complete blur. Between work, this blog, and the usual holiday stuff (shopping, cards, decorations, parties…) I feel like I haven’t stopped moving since Thanksgiving. Yesterday, I took an early morning train home to Cape Cod with my sister and her husband. By the time I got home, I thought I could drop dead. Today, I slept in until 1pm. A solid twelve hours of sleep. My family was slightly horrified (I had warned them!) but I’m finally feeling human again.

{Christmas Ornaments hung in our kitchen window.}

Our Christmas Eve is always spent at my parents’ restaurant. We’ll enjoy a long, delicious, boozy meal… in the company of family, friends, and old customers who have been eating their forever – as long as 34 years ago, when it first opened. After dinner, we usually sit around the fire, sipping a cup of my grandfather’s eggnog. It’s the perfect dessert – so thick and creamy that you need a spoon to drink it.

What is your Christmas Eve tradition?

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