Giveaway: $1,000 in Diamonds from Mined (Charm & Chain!) CLOSED

charm and chain mined giveaway the stripe 7
Mined Diamond Necklace


Today’s giveaway is for the diamond lover. I know that diamonds are sort of unpopular and that no one likes them, but I hope at least a few of you will enter. (In case the sarcasm didn’t translate; GET READY – THIS IS THE BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!!!!) Last week, my friends at Charm & Chain launched their brand new (exclusive) fine jewelry collection… MINED. Think delicate, beautiful pavé diamond pieces… with really reasonable price points. Classic, timeless… with a bit of an edge. And better yet, the pieces feature only conflict-free diamonds.

To celebrate, Charm & Chain is generously giving one lucky Stripe reader $1,000 worth of MINED Diamonds. Originally I wanted to offer up this Starburst Necklace (my personal favorite from the collection!) but I know that we all have different taste, so wanted to let you choose!

To enter, use the Rafflecopter Widget at the bottom of this post… and don’t forget to comment below telling me your favorite MINED piece! Good luck! (And happy Black Friday… if you’re into shopping today, head here to see all the best sales!)

charm and chain mined giveaway the stripe 1
Mined Zig Zag Rings


I adore these Zig Zag Rings. They’d look amazing stacked together… or just one on your middle or index finger.

charm and chain mined giveaway the stripe 2
Diamond Starburst Necklace + Disk Necklace


Like I mentioned earlier, the Starburst Necklace is my favorite piece from the collection. That said, the Disk Necklace makes for such a great staple. I’d wear it every day!

charm and chain mined giveaway the stripe 3
Open Teardrop Earrings


charm and chain mined giveaway the stripe 5
pavé starburst + triangle studs


charm and chain mined giveaway the stripe 6
Triangle Necklace


This necklace is the dreamiest. It would be so gorgeous for special occasions… or with jeans and a tee.

charm and chain mined giveaway the stripe 8
starburst, disc, and bar necklace


charm and chain mined giveaway the stripe 10
zig zag, open diamond, double bar, and diamond v rings


charm and chain mined giveaway the stripe 4

charm and chain mined giveaway the stripe 6

charm and chain mined giveaway the stripe 9

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Anna says 11.27.15

    Bar necklace!! Love the rings too

  2. Lhw says 11.27.15

    Love the bar necklace!

  3. Charlotte says 11.27.15

    Oh those rings are divine!

  4. Kim says 11.27.15

    Those rings…!

  5. Andrea C says 11.27.15

    I like the triangle trio and the triangle statement necklaces!

  6. Brooke Logan says 11.27.15

    I love the starburst necklace!

  7. Mackenzie says 11.27.15

    Those gorgeous dainty little necklaces to layer!

  8. Lindy says 11.27.15

    I would choose the starburst earrings

  9. Barb c says 11.27.15

    Would love a new necklace!

  10. Amanda @GlitterItGold says 11.27.15

    I love how dainty and delicate everything is. Especially love the star necklace.

  11. Haley Cobb says 11.27.15

    Hands down, I’d pick the triangle necklace. It’d be the perfect amount of sparkle for New Year’s Eve!

  12. Erin J, says 11.27.15

    I love the bar necklace!!

  13. alana says 11.27.15

    I LOVE the diamond v ring!

  14. Emily R. says 11.27.15

    I would get either the starburst necklace, the starburst studs or the teardrop earrings!!

  15. Lacy says 11.27.15

    Would love to win the disc necklace. Would be great for every day or layering with other fun necklaces for a night out.

  16. shanley says 11.27.15

    definitely some of the stacking rings or the simple necklaces…so beautiful!

  17. Elizabeth says 11.27.15

    I love how delicate these pieces are! The disk necklace is perfect for everyday and all of the rings are too cute!

  18. Meg Jones Wall says 11.27.15

    I absolutely love the Mercer necklace and all the various bar necklaces – such beautiful jewelry! Thanks for hosting another wonderful giveaway and hope you had a great Thanksgiving 🙂

  19. steph w says 11.27.15

    love the bar necklace & starburst!! <3

  20. Tarah says 11.27.15

    I love the Pavé Diamond Bar Studs

  21. Alli Cain says 11.27.15

    This is amazing! I would buy the starburst necklace – I am in love with it!

  22. Linda says 11.27.15

    Love that zigzag ring!

  23. Sarah says 11.27.15

    So many gorgeous things! The disc necklace or open teardrop earrings would be my pick!

  24. Alison says 11.27.15

    I love the elegant simplicity of the bar necklace!

  25. Kira says 11.27.15

    Wow amazing giveaway. I love the bar necklace and all of those rings! Would love to win this one.

  26. Danielle S says 11.27.15

    That starburst necklace!!! It’s amazing.

  27. Liz says 11.27.15

    Gorgeous pieces!

  28. Sam DeMatteo says 11.27.15

    I LOVE the zig zag rings and the disc and bar necklaces! They are such staple pieces that could be worn over and over.

  29. Carla says 11.27.15

    I LOVE the starburst necklace or those zig zag rings!

  30. Mandy says 11.27.15

    I love the triangle necklace!

  31. jess martin says 11.27.15

    One of the beautiful rings!

  32. Courtney says 11.27.15

    I love the hoop earrings! They’re simple but will still stand out. Gorgeous!!!!

  33. Tanea Mae says 11.27.15

    My favourite piece is the zigzag rings! Those are stunning & look great on anyone’s hand!

  34. Kira Jairi says 11.27.15

    Fashion is something us ladies have to deal with every single day of our fabulous life. And that couldn’t get any better with a touch of simple yet stylish jewelry to go on with our outfit. I personally think the MINED collection would make a perfect job in making our lives as dreamiest as it could be as they are very beautiful to begin with. As a huge fan or fine jewelries, I would have to agree with you on your choice of necklace. The Disc Necklace would go perfect on any outfits be it casual or a fancy dinner on Friday. Something simple yet stylish you wouldn’t mind wearing it on a daily basis. Who wouldn’t love that?

  35. Lauren says 11.27.15

    The teardrop earrings are beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Beth Friedman says 11.27.15

    I love the pave disc necklace…simple and elegant!!

  37. latanya says 11.27.15


  38. Sam L. says 11.27.15

    i love the diamond open ring! xx

  39. Amanda says 11.27.15

    So many amazing options. The rings are fantastic. Finger crossed.

  40. Melanie says 11.27.15

    I’d love the Open Diamond ring and the V ring as they can be stacked! Also, I agree with you that the Starburst necklace is amazing!

  41. Vanessa says 11.27.15

    This line is amazing. I love them all but if I had to choose the starburst necklace is my MUST have!!

  42. Kelly says 11.27.15

    I love the pave disc studs!

  43. Franziska says 11.27.15

    DEFINITELY that starburst necklace!

  44. Emily says 11.27.15

    I would stock up on rings and earrings!

  45. Alicia LaVita says 11.27.15

    All of the rings are perfection! Love the open diamond ring:)

  46. Alex says 11.27.15

    I can’t decide between the starburst necklace and the zig zag rings!

  47. Chrissy says 11.27.15

    The Open Teardrop Earrings!

  48. Annie says 11.27.15

    Those open teardrop earrings are so beautiful! But so is everything! Great pieces

  49. Jannett P says 11.27.15

    I love necklaces, so I would get a necklace.

  50. Maria says 11.27.15

    These are so pretty! I love the rings!

  51. Kristina says 11.27.15

    Wow, gorgeous gems! Love them all. But! If I HAVE to choose just one…hello, Starburst necklace.

  52. Julia Hickman says 11.27.15

    This is amazing! I loooove the triangle necklace !!

  53. Marta says 11.27.15

    The vertical bar ring and the diamond disc bracelet – but it’s all beautiful!

  54. Wendy says 11.27.15

    Hi Grace! I would get the starburst necklace!

  55. Cadence says 11.27.15

    Goodness! I’d snap up the asymmetrical triangle necklace in a heartbeat!

  56. Cory says 11.27.15

    The starburst necklace is amazing.

  57. Dana says 11.27.15

    Love the starburst and bar necklaces. Everything is beautiful!

  58. Jordan Troublefield says 11.27.15

    Diamond asymmetrical open triangle necklace is divine!!

  59. Kristy T says 11.27.15

    Such a great giveaway…thanks for hosting!! 🙂 I love Mined’s Starburst Studs and their Diamond Ear Crawlers…gorgeous!! Happy holidays!!

  60. Samantha says 11.27.15

    I love the diamond V ring and the zig zag ring

  61. Andrea Darst says 11.27.15

    I love the Black Diamond Pave Bar Studs!!

  62. Cindy A. says 11.27.15
  63. Deborah Curran says 11.27.15

    the zig zag ring

  64. Erin says 11.27.15

    The bar necklace and double bar ring are divine!

  65. erica says 11.27.15

    i can’t even begin to decide – LOVE the dainty gold rings, but the studs are so chic too! fingers crossed x 10 for this giveaway 🙂

  66. Jess Zimlich says 11.27.15

    The bar necklace is so beautiful!

  67. Eva says 11.27.15


  68. Jenn says 11.27.15

    This giveaway is the BEST! The lariat necklace is so classy, and I’d love to add some black diamonds to my collection 🙂

  69. Susan says 11.27.15

    I would get a few stackable rings. So cute!

  70. Kim Pincombe Cole says 11.27.15

    I love the Diamond Eternity Band Rings in Asst Metals! I’d get the rings in all 3 metals ~ rose gold, yellow gold & white gold!

  71. Rebecca says 11.27.15

    Love the open teardrop earrings

  72. Kassie says 11.27.15

    I would give my Mom the ef collection Diamond and White Topaz Stud Earrings because she really loves earrings and I think she would wear these specific ones SO much. I also really love the Lulu Frost Datura Spike Necklace and the Ben-Amun Simple Crystal Vine Necklace and Carly Bracelet by Loren Hope!

  73. Elizabeth says 11.27.15

    My goodness! These pieces are superb. I would put the gift card toward the Diamond Open Teardrop Earrings. Heavenly!

  74. Marissa N says 11.27.15

    I would wear the triangle statement necklace to my wedding. Adds edge to an otherwise sweet dress!

  75. Kaye Newman says 11.27.15

    I would buy the OPEN TEARDROP EARRINGS.

  76. Lan says 11.27.15

    Those necklaces are so cute!

  77. Meredith says 11.27.15

    I’d buy the small disk necklace! 🙂

  78. Morgan Miller says 11.27.15

    I’d definitely get that triangle necklace!! 🙂

  79. Sandra says 11.27.15

    Love the bar necklace!

  80. Jenny says 11.27.15

    Disk necklace!!!

  81. Erin says 11.27.15

    Definitely a few of the rings!

  82. Noemi says 11.27.15

    I would choose the starburst necklace, it’s beautiful. All the pieces are beautiful!

  83. Ruchika says 11.27.15

    I love everything Charm & Chain! If I had to pick, my faves are the bar necklace and the double bar ring. Love love love.

  84. Kyra says 11.27.15

    I would definitely buy the Large Pavé Open Diamond teardrop earrings in yellow gold!

  85. Amanda says 11.27.15

    I love the Starburst necklace too, it could go with a lot of things. I would also love some pretty bangles for my wrists.

  86. Jess Lim says 11.27.15

    Lots of rings for me!

  87. lizzy says 11.27.15

    bar necklace with matching bar studs…plus eternity ring trio!

  88. kate says 11.27.15

    love the bar necklace, double bar ring, and starburst earrings!

  89. Colleen says 11.27.15

    I would buy the triangle necklace!!!

  90. Maureen says 11.27.15

    I love the oval earrings!

  91. Holly says 11.27.15

    Love the bar necklace

  92. Erin says 11.27.15

    Love it all but the starburst studs are my favorite

  93. Ronida says 11.27.15

    The disc necklace would be a great addition to my collection!

  94. Diana says 11.27.15

    Oh I’m just in love with those open teardrop earrings! Stunning!!!!

  95. Lauren says 11.27.15

    I love the open rectangle ring and the diamond pave necklace!

  96. Amelia Vesper says 11.27.15

    Ooh, I love the starburst necklace too!!

  97. Colleen Boudreau says 11.27.15

    I would get the kendra scott JAN BRACELET, IRIDESCENT DRUSY.

  98. Elisabeth says 11.27.15

    so beautiful!

  99. Michelle L says 11.27.15

    I would get the gorgeous starburst necklace

  100. Kate says 11.27.15

    They are all so pretty! But I’d go for the bar necklace.

  101. Beth says 11.27.15

    I love the disc necklace!

  102. mk says 11.27.15

    the open tear drop earrings are amazing….

  103. Emma says 11.27.15

    Zig zag rings!

  104. Shannon Weel says 11.27.15

    Oh my goodness, what gorgeous jewelry! This might be the best giveaway ever! I would love to buy the Diamond Open Triangle necklace in Rose Gold with the gift card if I’m lucky enough to win.

  105. Marty says 11.27.15

    Yep, think the starburst necklace in yellow gold would be my pick.

  106. Bridget says 11.27.15

    I would love to replace my broken bar necklace with this one! Beautiful!

  107. Sarah says 11.27.15

    Love those rings!!

  108. wendy sue says 11.27.15

    oh those diamond open teardrops are amazing!

  109. Heather says 11.27.15

    I’d definitely choose a necklace–not sure which though! It would be a tough decision.

  110. Megan @ Pink O'Clock says 11.27.15

    Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING! Loooove the triangle necklace so much. Thanks for the opportunity! xo

  111. Shira says 11.27.15

    ooh such gorgeous pieces! I’d get the diamond zig zag ring, pave diamond bar ring, or diamond v ring- in rose gold of course!

  112. Amy says 11.27.15

    I would buy the zig zag rings!

  113. Sharona says 11.27.15

    I love the starbursts too!!!

  114. Lauren says 11.27.15

    Love those rings!

  115. Amanda Tierney says 11.27.15

    Love the diamond ring and starburst necklace! hard to just choose one.

  116. Cait says 11.27.15

    What a pretty collection! I would get the pave diamond bar rings– one for me, and one for each of my closest friends.

  117. Lara says 11.27.15

    I really like the double bar ring and the starburst earrings

  118. Dianne Hall says 11.28.15

    Love the starburst necklace that is your favorite

  119. Catherine L says 11.28.15

    Love the teardrop earrings!

  120. Sydney says 11.28.15

    Love the bar necklace

  121. Linda says 11.28.15

    I really like the Pavé Diamond Disc Necklace, Assorted Metals. I’d get that.

  122. Cindi says 11.28.15

    Love love love the bar necklace! Always wanted to have one!

  123. Kristen says 11.28.15

    That starburst necklace is to die for.

  124. zoe kimberly says 11.28.15

    i would definitely get multiple pairs of the teardrop earrings! they are gorgeous and work with any silhouette

  125. Meredith says 11.28.15

    Love the bar necklace!!

  126. michelle says 11.28.15

    I would go with the small pave earrings. They are all so cute!

  127. Kim S says 11.28.15

    All the starburst designs are my favorites

  128. Emily says 11.28.15

    I would be SOOOO happy!!

  129. Rebecca says 11.28.15

    I would love to be able to use the Mined gift card to buy presents for my best friends! The jewelry is beautiful!

  130. Heidi Mirdala says 11.28.15

    Definitely want a disc necklace! Everything is gorgeous.

  131. Jeri says 11.28.15

    The starburst necklace is gorgeous but I think the teardrop earrings are my fave.

  132. Lindsay says 11.28.15

    I love, love love the Large Pavé Open Diamond Earrings!!!!

  133. Lynda says 11.28.15

    i really like the open teardrop earrings

  134. Pat Schwab says 11.28.15

    Grace, I would buy 3 of the beautiful disc necklaces. I have 2 daughters and it would be fun to have matching necklaces. I know they would love how delicate this design is. Thanks Pat S

  135. Kristen says 11.28.15

    these are so elegant. The triangle studs are my top pick, followed by the stackable zig zag rings.

  136. Lisa says 11.28.15

    What a great giveaway! My favorite pieces are the bar necklace and the zig zag rings but all the pieces are really beautiful! Thanks for offering the chance to win such a great piece of jewelry!

  137. Alex says 11.28.15

    I’d love to stack the bar ring and the open ring! The V necklace is so great too.

  138. Jackie (York Avenue) says 11.28.15

    I like your choice – the Starburst necklace is so, so gorgeous!

  139. Jennifer DeRoy says 11.28.15

    I love the pavè bar and chain earrings and the double bar ring!

  140. Carrie says 11.28.15

    I love the v-ring!

  141. meghan n says 11.28.15

    i love all of the starburst jewelry!

  142. Sandra Clayton Rose says 11.28.15

    My Favorite is the Starburst in White Gold from Mined. Would really love to have that one… But would never in my life be able to afford such a beautiful necklace like that… They did a wonderful job with the Mined Collection!!!

  143. Rachael says 11.28.15

    I would get some of the diamond v rings! <3

  144. Marth says 11.28.15

    Anything Erickson Beamon – necklaces are unreal…

  145. Cecelia says 11.28.15

    Love the rings!

  146. Sara says 11.28.15

    Love the zig zag ring!

  147. Neet says 11.28.15

    That triangle necklace is so cute!

  148. Janelle Miranda says 11.28.15

    Those open teardrop earrings are hot!

  149. Emily says 11.28.15

    I love the zig-zag rings

  150. Jean Mason says 11.28.15

    Love the disk necklace!

  151. Doris says 11.28.15

    OMG! SO many choices, but I will settle for a cute necklace!

  152. Eric says 11.28.15

    My wife might like the Starburst necklace.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  153. Laura says 11.28.15


  154. Leanne says 11.28.15

    I love the triangle necklace. So sparkly!

  155. Christina says 11.28.15

    im obsessed with the disc necklace! so pretty.

  156. Kenny says 11.29.15

    like the starburst earrings!!

  157. Camille says 11.29.15

    I love the starburst earrings! So beautiful

  158. aaron reck says 11.29.15

    The Starburst earrings for sure are what I would buy.

  159. Cynthia Richardson says 11.29.15

    I’d get a pair of small diamond stud earrings.

  160. Charlotte says 11.29.15

    Absolutely love the disc necklace <3

  161. greentopiaries says 11.29.15

    I would love to get the Double Elephant Bracelet by Emily & Ashley. Thanks for the chance!

  162. saniel says 11.29.15

    I like the zig zag rings, that’s what I’d get. Thanks

  163. Diana Guerguieva says 11.29.15

    Love the bar chain earrings and the bar necklace!

  164. Delmer says 11.29.15

    My girlfriend would love the rings.

  165. Catherine says 11.29.15

    I love that bar necklace! It’s so beautiful and delicate!!

  166. Dragana says 11.29.15

    The gold zigzag ring! Love!

  167. Elizabeth says 11.29.15

    I’m gaga over that starburst necklace!

  168. Erin says 11.29.15

    Gorgeous! Love the stud earrings and the zig zig rings, those would most likely be what I would buy if I won. 🙂

  169. Melinda says 11.29.15

    The pave bar necklace would add just enough sparkle to jazz up an outfit this holiday season- and everyday after that!

  170. Jessica Adamcik says 11.29.15

    Free Diamonds!! Happy Holidays!! What a fun giveaway!! Love the disk necklace!!!

  171. Linda Nguyen says 11.29.15

    Loving the Triangle necklace!

  172. Denise says 11.29.15

    I would get some of the stackable rings- so pretty

  173. Courtnay says 11.29.15

    The disc necklace is so perfect for everyday wear! Love it all though!

  174. BlessedTA says 11.29.15

    The Bar necklace

  175. Beth K says 11.29.15

    Starburst Necklace for sure! Thanks for the giveaway!

  176. Leah says 11.29.15

    I love the starburst necklace in rose gold!

  177. Erin says 11.29.15

    I love the bar necklace and V ring! That triangle necklace would be some fun sparkle for the holidays too!

  178. Natalie Pennock says 11.29.15

    I adore the triangle necklace!

  179. Elyse G. says 11.29.15

    I adore the diamond disc necklace. It’s gorgeous! *fingers crossed*

  180. Briana says 11.29.15

    Love the zigzag rings and the teardrop earrings! Beautiful pieces!

  181. Joyce says 11.29.15

    The bar necklace, it’s darling!

  182. Claire says 11.29.15

    I would pick a few pave bands and the pave disk necklace as staple items to wear all the time!

  183. Nelida says 11.29.15

    Love all the rings and necklaces! Absolutely stunning!!

  184. Dani says 11.29.15

    Love the triangle necklace and diamond v ring!

  185. MJ Moore says 11.29.15

    Awesome giveaway! I have been looking for a layering necklace, and the Pave Diamond Bar Station Necklace is perfect!

  186. Rhonda Shaw says 11.29.15

    I have been trying to enter but not able to get though. Thank you. Rhonda Shaw
    Jackson Michigan 49202

  187. keely says 11.29.15

    triangle necklace!!<3

  188. Jessica Berry says 11.30.15

    This would make my holidays! Beautiful! 😉

  189. Samantha says 11.30.15

    I would get the Diamond Bar Necklace for myself and one for my mom! So simple and gorgeous.

    Samantha //

  190. Nadia Najor says 11.30.15

    The bar necklaces are so maj!

  191. crystal s says 11.30.15

    The starburst necklace is simply beautiful!

  192. Holly says 11.30.15

    Love the starburst necklace!

  193. Whitney says 11.30.15

    I love the pave earrings! Would be perfect to wear everyday!

  194. Ariana Staff says 11.30.15

    Absolutely adore the triangle necklace!…..however, all your pieces are exquisite.

  195. Casi Selph says 11.30.15

    I would LOVE a bar necklace or any of the GORGEOUS rings♥

  196. Allison says 11.30.15

    I’m obsessed with the Eternity Bands! I love every color – but especially the black!

  197. aly says 11.30.15

    The diamond eternity band in silver and gold! I am all about mixing metals and dainty layering right now! 🙂

  198. Sonja says 11.30.15

    The Emily Statement Necklace by Kendra Scott!

  199. Rachel says 11.30.15

    I’m with you, I love that starbust necklace 🙂

  200. Nycala says 11.30.15

    The bar necklace is perfect for every day! love it

  201. Kayleigh says 11.30.15

    all the pave rings!

  202. Paige says 11.30.15

    You have such awesome taste!!

  203. Katie H. says 11.30.15

    LOVE the bar necklace and zig zag rings! All of the pieces are gorgeous!

  204. Jess says 11.30.15

    Love the bar necklace!

  205. Emily says 11.30.15

    Love the triangle necklace!

  206. Hannah says 11.30.15

    Love it all! Especially the rings 🙂

  207. Tina says 11.30.15

    I would love to win my anniversaries is coming up on December 7

  208. Karrie says 11.30.15

    I would buy the pave disc necklace

  209. Kara says 11.30.15

    maybe a dainty necklace or stacking rings!!!

  210. Kirsten says 12.1.15

    I love the Pave Floating Ring

  211. Hanna says 12.1.15

    Wow, they have a lot of beautiful designs! I am partial to the lariat and the cool V ring.

  212. Maureen says 12.1.15

    I love the open tear-drop earrings!

  213. America says 12.1.15

    I love the zigzag ring!

  214. RK says 12.1.15

    The diamond bar necklace in white gold :)!

  215. Molly says 12.1.15

    I would get the Asymmetrical Open Triangle Necklace and the V Necklace, both in White Gold.

  216. Vera Backford says 12.1.15

    So beautiful I would show off wveryday

  217. Kayla says 12.1.15

    I absolutely love the earrings!!

  218. Kim Gregg says 12.1.15


  219. Cheryl says 12.1.15

    I recently lost my diamond from my engagement ring i have worn for twenty-seven years…I would love to find something to replace it.

  220. kate howell says 12.1.15

    I’d buy gifts for myself! What a treat after shopping for everyone else.

  221. Marissa says 12.1.15

    Those zig zag rings are so cute! gimme.

  222. Meghan says 12.1.15

    I must have the triangle necklace!

  223. Laura says 12.2.15

    Love all the stackable rings!

  224. Sarah M says 12.2.15

    Those zigzag rings

  225. Julie says 12.2.15

    Everything is so pretty, I don’t even know. Maybe the Pave Diamond Bar Necklace.

  226. donna says 12.2.15

    I would get earrings!

  227. Ashley says 12.2.15

    If I had to choose anything I would pick the rings and stack them!

  228. Priscilla S says 12.2.15

    Love the starburst necklace in rose gold!

  229. Sara Cehennemden says 12.2.15

    I would buy rings, Black Diamond Solitaire Ring and Double Bar Ring are sooo beautiful! 😀

  230. Kimberly says 12.2.15

    diamonds unpopular??!! I dream of a diamond ring 🙂

  231. Sage Howard says 12.2.15

    I’d buy a diamond LOVE ring and a personalized Legend necklace, or I’d buy a personalized locket!

  232. aurelia says 12.3.15

    I love the starburst necklace and earrings!!!

  233. neeha says 12.3.15

    Will pick a delicate necklace, earrings and a bracelet.

  234. Jessica says 12.3.15

    I would totally get two sets of the diamond eternity bands in the assorted metals to mix and match. Love them!

  235. Lauren says 12.3.15

    I really like the Triangle Cuff, Disc & Bar bracelets.

  236. LMP says 12.3.15

    starburst necklace all the way

  237. Juliana says 12.3.15

    I would go for a classic band ring and then maybe those cute little bar earrings!

  238. Cassandra C says 12.3.15

    I would get matching necklaces for my sister and I. I would let her choose her favorite.

  239. Haley says 12.3.15

    I would buy the starburst necklace! So beautiful!