So, you might have noticed that things look a little bit different over here!  I hope you like the new S&S.  I’ve been working with Cooperhouse on the new site for months now, so it is really exciting to see our efforts come into fruition.

I know, I know – I just redid my site last year!  But I think it is important to freshen things up every so often.  Did you know I didn’t even have a link to my instagram here?  Oops.  And also – I have to tell you, I actually kind of hate pink right now.  When I rebranded last year, I was in this weird phase where everything had to be pink.  And then I decided I was done with pink.  And had to change everything because I couldn’t stand my site anymore.  Sigh.  This just feels so much more me.

I”m not going to bore you with a recap of what’s new, but there is one important thing!  I am starting an email newsletter, and definitely recommend signing up (just click the button in the righthand sidebar and fill in the pretty jewel pop-up) …there will be lots of fun things + exclusive treats in store!  (And don’t worry – I won’t bug you too much — max 1x per week.)

On another note, if you are in need of a developer/designer, I can’t say enough good things about these guys.  They are so talented, and so easy to work with.  And it’s really nice that they are married to each other (Erin is the designer and Tim is the developer), because they communicate so well and nothing ever gets lost in translation.


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Leave a Comment


  1. Cara:

    Very pretty new look. I love the bands of black and white stripes!

    10.9.13 Reply
  2. Cathleen:

    I like the new look to the site, and I signed up for the newsletter. I’m obsessed with your blog!

    10.9.13 Reply
  3. Rebecca:

    The site redesign is beautiful and very tasteful. The font for your posts is a little small so I had to resize my browser – but I might need glasses! (YAY ACCESSORIES!) but yes a beautiful redesign!

    10.9.13 Reply
  4. Nnenna:

    I think the new site looks amazing! I always get tired of my blog design and want to switch it up every few months and your site redesign is making me want to do just that. I love the color palette you chose- black/grey/white will always be classic!

    10.9.13 Reply
  5. holly & molly:

    So happy to see that you have a real mobile site. Congrats on the re-design!

    10.9.13 Reply
  6. Smash:

    It looks absolutely fabulous Grace, congrats! xx

    10.9.13 Reply
  7. mai:

    love the new look!

    10.9.13 Reply
  8. Katrina:

    Congrats, Grace. The site looks fantastic!

    10.10.13 Reply
  9. comfortablyychic:

    Love the new site! Super clean and well designed 🙂


    10.10.13 Reply
  10. Reema:

    The new site looks great! Really easy to navigate :).


    10.10.13 Reply
  11. Liz:

    I love the design! However, the huge diamond pop up that asks me to sign up is annoying every time I click on a post from the email feed. It will be a huge turn off for current and prospective subscribers.

    10.10.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      ooh LIZ – thank you so much for letting me know! It is only supposed to come up once — the first time you visit the new site! Will you let me know if this happens again?

      10.10.13 Reply
  12. Emily Lunstroth:

    Looks great, LOVE the diamond/stone whatever pop up for the email could it be cuter!

    10.10.13 Reply
  13. lovealwayschristine:

    I was so excited when I hopped on your blog this morning to see the wonderful changes you’ve made! I have been following you (unofficially) for months now and thing the blog looks better than ever! Keep up the good work, I know your followers appreciate it!

    XX Christine

    10.10.13 Reply
  14. kiley - a Sequin Dress at Breakfast:

    love the new layout – it looks beautiful grace!

    10.10.13 Reply
  15. Marissa:

    Love the changes! I’m about to start a blog redesign myself so it’s fun to get some inspo from some of my daily reads. xx

    10.11.13 Reply
  16. Sarah:

    Love it! Nice and clean.

    10.14.13 Reply