Caudalie x Jason Wu.

Caudalie x Jason Wu 1

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir was one of the first high-end (read: non-drugstore) beauty products I ever purchased for myself. It was almost ten years ago. My friend Cori pulled it out of her bag and spritzed her face, and then asked if I’d like some. Nowadays the market is flooded with beauty mists, but the time, I wasn’t exactly acquainted with the concept. Would it mess up my makeup? What was the purpose? Of course, I obliged… and became instantaneously obsessed. Besides the fact that it left my skin dewey and magically glowing (like a virtual shot of your espresso for your face), it smelled amazing. The aromatherapy oils awakened my senses and instantly perked me right up. The formula is part toner, part mist… and the recipe for what we all seek: naturally glowing skin without makeup.

And so, a million years later, I was really excited to hear that the brand had teamed up with one of my favorite fashion designers – Jason Wu. And even more excited to be invited out to the Caudalie founders’ Hamptons home for lunch + pooltime (and time with Jason, himself). As it turns out, Wu is a long time Caudalie fan. He dressed the beauty elixir in a beautiful detailed lace (from his 2016 spring/summer collection). I personally recommend the purse sized bottle. Priced at just $18, it tucks into any clutch or bag for the perfect dose of refreshment + glow whenever you need it. I carry mine with me religiously and keep the larger bottle at my desk.

Caudalie x Jason Wu 2

At the event, I learned quite a bit. I chatted with Jason and his partner Gustavo about everything from Cape Cod (they love it as much as I do!) to the design process for Michelle Obama’s gown for the inauguration, back in 2008. And I chatted quite a bit with Mathilde (the founder of Caudalie), who told me about her all grape diet. Once or twice a year, she’ll eat only grapes for three days. The result is hydrated skin + banished bloat (grapes are a natural diuretic). I’m tempted to try it.

As for the beauty elixir, the recipe was actually discovered inside a book of spells found on the banks of the Seine, in Paris. It is said that the Queen of Hungary used the recipe in the 16th century to seduce the King of Poland (thirty five years her junior!!) with her radiant complexion. The formula contains Benzoin (soothing), Myrrh (toning), Rosemary (energizing), Lemon Calm + Peppermint (stimulating), Orange Blossom (softening), Rose (moisturizing), and Grape Pulp Extract (helps enhance radiance // included in most Caudalie products). The fragrance is addicting and intoxicating, which makes sense as Mathilde’s background is in fragrances… before founding Caudalie, she was actually a nose!

PS – Kinda funny… I always like to look back on old posts to see what I had to say about products I still love today. I actually featured the beauty elixir here, here, and here!

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  1. Amanda S. says 8.22.16

    Need to try this!!

    • graceatwood says 8.22.16

      I hope you do – it is such a great product!!

  2. Jada Nicola says 8.22.16

    I saw the beauty elixir when I went to Sephora and was so tempted to try it! I have to go get it 🙂


    • graceatwood says 8.22.16

      I hope you give it a try – it’s my favorite Caudalie product. I also really love all their oils (especially the cleanser) and the glycolic peel! It just smells so good!!!

  3. Amanda S. says 8.22.16

    I am so with you – I have the Beauty Elixir and I am obsessed. It smells AMAZING!!!!!

    • graceatwood says 8.22.16

      Yay! It’s the best. xx

  4. Thuy says 8.22.16

    I love the bottle. It’s kind of earthy. And I’m a fan of Caudalie skincare so I would be interested in trying this.

    • graceatwood says 8.22.16

      Hope you try it! I am obsessed… both with how it makes my skin look and feel… and with how the oils uplift my mood! x

  5. Maggie says 8.22.16

    I’ve heard great things about this brand but never tried them… I think I’ll have to!

    • graceatwood says 8.22.16

      You should! I’m a huge fan 🙂