Gift Guide 2016: The Cat Lady.

Gifts for the Cat Lady, Cat Lady Gifts - The Stripe.

Meowwwwy Christmas! Who doesn’t love some good cat lady gifts!? I always do a cat lady gift guide (evidence here: 2012, 2014, 2015)… and I’m not sure anyone else does! I do it because it’s funny, mostly, but also because I am an unabashed cat lover. And also, in this year’s case, who doesn’t need a “Meowy Christmas” wine glass!? Some of these gifts are actually pretty chic (this beanie, these kitty flats), others not so much (this cat tee is just so hilarious and over the top – it would be the perfect white elephant gift)!

And alright, alright… I know that Stella McCartney dress is 1,000% ridiculous. Besides the fact that it is covered in cats, it is not in my price range, and it is probably not in your price range… but amazing, nonetheless. I couldn’t not include it. Sometimes I just include things because they are just really pretty to look at but not buy, which was the case here. The fact that Stella included cat motifs in her line just makes me love her even more. That being said, if you can afford to give someone a $1,100 cat dress, please do. And maybe buy me one, too.

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Top: Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Cat’ Book // Charlotte Olympia ‘Kitty’ Flats // Gold & Topaz Cat Ears Ring // Cat Keychain // Stella McCartney Dress // Teal Cosmetics Pouch // Eugenia Kim Ears Beanie // Charlotte Olympia Crossbody Bag // No. 21 Fuzzy Sweater

Bottom: Crystal Cat Brooch // ‘Meowy Christmas’ Wine Glass // Glitter Phone Case // Charlotte Olympia ‘LOL Kitty’ Flats // ‘Cats of Instagram’ Book // Ears Beanie // Pink Card Case // Jonathan Adler Cat Mug // Dorothy Perkins Cat Print Tee

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  1. carrie says 11.23.16

    You put together such great gift guides. 🙂


    • graceatwood says 11.25.16

      Aw, thank you Carrie! So sweet of you to say! xo

  2. Maggie says 11.23.16

    Love cats and love your yearly cat lady gift guide!!

    • graceatwood says 11.25.16

      Thank you so much Maggie! xx

  3. Marty says 11.23.16

    Kesha wore the Stella cat dress while walking through LAX!!

    • graceatwood says 11.25.16

      Ugh. Kesha is so lucky!! Jealous! 😉

  4. Cy says 11.24.16

    Love the phone case! Good thing I just bought a limited edition Pineda Covaline, dia de los muertos one when in Mexico City. This one is sold out. So cute. See if you can find a copy/ YouTube of Gay Purée” it’s an old animated film with Judy Garland all about cats in Paris.
    As a confirmed “cat lady” myself, I’m loving the whole round up Happy Turkey Day

    • graceatwood says 11.25.16

      Thank you Cy!! I will have to check that out! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xx

  5. Marta says 11.24.16

    My best friend would literally love every single thing in this post. She’s such a cat lover! I’m more of a dog person but I still love cats a lot but this post has my best friend’s name stamped all over it hahaha

    • graceatwood says 11.25.16

      Haha! I am more of a cat person but still love dogs. Maybe I should do a dog lady post as well 😉 xx