Cashmere Leggings

brrr…. I’m beginning to wonder if the snow is ever going to stop!  The snow is piling up, the winds are beating at full force, and I haven’t left my parents’ house in over 60 hours.  (going slightly stir-crazy.)  I have no desire to leave… it’s just too cold.

…which brings me to today’s post… staying warm.

Cashmere leggings are the ultimate indulgence, while also being somewhat practical (keeping you warm.) The DKNY and Kiki versions are a stretch, (okay more than a stretch, I would never pay $495 for leggings!) but the Top Shop leggings are a more affordable version and a great way to stay warm.  (I would layer them with a cheaper pair from Forever 21 or even stockings underneath.)

From left:  Top Shop, Donna Karan, Kiki de Montparnasse, Top Shop

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