Caroline Constas Red Dress.

Caroline Constas Lena Dress | The Stripe
dress // heels // bag

What a weekend! I got back from Charleston (the perfect break from all the apartment stuff I’ve been working on) Saturday in the early evening. I had friends over for dinner and then brunch the next day, and then spent yesterday afternoon at Home Depot. I picked up some plants (yay for greenery!) and a bunch of paint for a fun project I’m working on for my floors (more to come on that – let’s just say it’s going to be a bit of an undertaking) and my windows (I’m painting the inside ledges a pretty coral pink as a fun pop of color). I stayed up late last night painting and ordering a few more pieces of furniture. There is never a dull moment over here but I’m excited as I feel like I finally know exactly I am going to do with the apartment.

When I saw this red dress I instantly fell in love. I love a good red dress – but the cut of this one is so special (between the wrap + high low hem). I wore it in Charleston for dinner at McCrady’s (and their incredible tasting menu) and am planning to wear it to all of my Spring parties. It is just the best! I tracked down several less expensive options in the “look for less…” they all are pretty fab… and as you know by now (as evidenced here, here, here, + here, ha ha) I can’t resist a great red dress. (PS – the dress is closer to the red on the website… for some reason it photographed a little bit orangey in these pics!!)

Outfit Details: Caroline Constas Lena Dress (also here) // Joie Sandals // Gucci Purse // Lele Sadoughi Earrings

Look for Less: Dress (love this, this, this, this + this too!) // Sandals // Bag

Caroline Constas Lena Dress | The StripeCaroline Constas Lena Dress | The StripeCaroline Constas Lena Dress | The StripeCaroline Constas Lena Dress | The StripeCaroline Constas Lena Dress | The StripeCaroline Constas Lena Dress | The StripeCaroline Constas Lena Dress | The Stripe

photography by Melissa Toms.

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  1. Elizabeth says 4.10.17

    Can’t wait to see your new apartment come together! Loving this red dress, too pretty!
    Xo, Elizabeth

  2. Natali says 4.10.17

    Oh how grandiose you look like in this burnt orange dress! Beautiful!

  3. Sooo dramatic! You look amazing. The red really brings out your eyes!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Jess Zimlich says 4.10.17

    I’ve been loving watching your apartment come together on Instagram stories 🙂 Annnd, you look drop-dead gorgeous in these photos…bringing that red dress emoji to life! Have a great Monday!

  5. Azanah says 4.10.17

    I love the color and the shape, so fun!

  6. Sam says 4.10.17

    SO gorgeous! You’re like a real life emoji 🙂 Seriously though, love the red and this silhouette is amazing.


  7. Jenn Lake says 4.10.17

    Love the high-low hemline – so chic lady!

  8. Maggie says 4.10.17

    Post before pics of the apt please! I don’t have instragram but I’m dying to see it come together! Also I’m curious, are you renting or did you buy? It sounds like you’re putting in some real money and effort into this place (painting, floors, wallpaper)–what are your thoughts on investing so much in a rental? I’ve lived in my apartment for years and it still looks like I could up and move any minute. Lately I’ve been craving a more lived-in space but really hesitant doing much since I don’t own it and who knows when I may leave.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.10.17

      Hi Maggie, Good idea – I will be sure to take some before photos!!!

      I am renting. 🙂 I am really lucky in that I am moving into the same building my best friend lives in so from the day I signed the lease I was able to influence the landlord a bit (i.e… oh you really should look into this bathroom tile, put the lights in this spot, etc etc!) That being said, the one thing I HATE about the apartment is the painted gray plywood floors. They look like concrete and clash with the overall pink/green/tropical vibe I’m going for. I asked for hardwood but they didn’t want to invest in them. While in Charleston, my friend and I were brainstorming and he suggested doing a diamond pattern/checkerboard floor with paint. It’s going to be a bit of work but should be pretty simple once I get all the tape laid out. I am going to post a tutorial for the blog but I think it’s going to look SO MUCH BETTER and the total for the supplies was under $100. So to me it was a no-brainer, especially as I signed a two year lease to lock in my rent. Hopefully it turns out well!

      I TOTALLY see your hesitancy but I personally love a good DIY, and as long as it doesn’t cost a ton of money and the landlord is cool with it, I figure why not!? I also spend a LOT of time at home (I work from home and entertain a LOT) so I really want to love where I live. I also photograph my home quite a bit for the blog, etc. so the pressure is on there too! 😉

      • Maggie says 4.11.17

        Thanks for the reply Grace! Would love a tutorial on the flooring and any other affordable DIY projects you end up playing with. You’re inspiring me to at least put some art on my walls 🙂

  9. denise says 4.10.17

    so pretty!!

  10. Breanna Marie says 4.10.17

    So gorgeous! Love this dress on you!

  11. Beautiful lady in red. A little red in every room is what Katherine Hepburn always planned for. How chic!-Laurel Bledsoe

  12. Alex says 4.10.17

    Love it you look so amazing!

  13. Driving Directions says 4.11.17

    You look so luxurious and beautiful with the red dress!

  14. Marta says 4.11.17

    Red looks so amazing on you because of your hair and eye colour. That dress is very unique and it’s gorgeous! And I love the bag as well.