Can You Even Caftan?

Can You Even Caftan?

Can You Even Caftan?

I love a good caftan. They are chic, stylish, BREEZY. People ask me if my style changed moving to Charleston and I would say no… but I do wear a lot more caftans as the summers are just hot. Caftans are wonderful as they barely touch your body… the best when you need to stay cool. But I do think that a caftan + beautiful jewelry + a low bun and a good heel is most definitely one of my most favorite, ideal outfit combinations. And honestly, it’s just easy. How to Get Your Body Caftan-Ready for Summer (from 2014!) remains a favorite of mine. It cracks me up; I sent it to one of my best friends yesterday.

Anyway, caftans! They are amazing. At first it may take a little getting used to. You may feel like you are wearing a giant sack. You are! My tips are to show a little wrist and ankle (this is most people’s smallest part), and to make the look feel intentional. By making it feel intentional, I mean adding great jewelry and heels to say THIS IS AN OUTFIT. An outfit. Not a beach coverup, not a nightgown, not a sloppy sack or paper bag. A bold earring, a strappy sandal, and a low bun are how you do that. Choosing a caftan in a bold print or color also helps.

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Anyway, here are a few favorite caftans at a very wide range of price points. We found a lot of great affordable options from Mango, COS, and Amazon. And on a pricier note, La Vie Style House gave us a code – GRACE20 for 20% off. I’m excited!!!! A few of my favorites are this, this netted dress, allll the 3D lace, and these mint green sequins.

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  1. Antonia Ward:

    Think those Amazon geometric caftans are fakes, they are a direct ripoff of a UK designer called Louisa Parris. They’re even using video footage from when her products were on Net-A-Porter 🙁

    4.15.24 Reply
  2. Dana:

    Love the look of these beautiful caftans and the article on how to get my body ready for one!!

    4.16.24 Reply