Cabana Day Dreaming


Happy Monday, friends!  The bf and I are back from a long weekend in the Bahamas.  I took three days off of work and can honestly say that I don’t remember the last time I was so desperately in need of a vacation… have been feeling pretty burnt out.  (Same with him.. he had just finished filming a big project and had been working around the clock.. including a few all nighters!)

We lounged, we swam, we gambled, we drank, we ate… that’s pretty much the jist of it.  We thought it would be interesting to test a bit of a social media ban this past weekend, and I have to tell you… it was pretty fantastic.  Social media is a funny thing.  I love it dearly and need to be somewhat immersed in it because of my career.  That said, I do think that it can prevent us from really engaging and being present at times.  I think I’m going to cut back a bit with the instagram and the twitter for a bit…  it was really nice just keeping our memories to ourselves for the weekend.







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  1. Living vicariously through you!! Looks like the perfect place to relax and disconnect. Gorgeous!

  2. Rachelle says 4.29.13

    OH I’m so jealous right now, I need a vacation asap.


  3. Quinn Cooper says 4.29.13

    So jealous! I want to be on a beach so bad right now! Sounds like you guys needed it. Sometimes it’s nice to get away and recharge. You come back and you are productive and inspired.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  4. Jess says 4.29.13

    Glad you had such a relaxing weekend away! Sometimes disconnecting is just the thing a person needs. 🙂

  5. Kristina says 4.29.13

    This looks so nice. A social media ban on vacations sounds like an excellent idea.

    Kristina does the Internets

  6. Drew Elizabeth says 4.29.13

    Pure bliss!!! Looks like you had a very relaxing time!

  7. ALISON says 4.29.13

    I totally get it, I was feeling the same way before I went on vacation – a bit of paradise and R&R is always needed!

  8. Alyssa says 4.29.13

    So glad to hear you had a great time–it sounds like it was well-deserved! I love the idea of doing a social media blackout on vacation. Makes it much easier to just live in the moment!

  9. Jessie says 4.29.13

    Sounds like an absolutely perfect long weekend! I’m glad you got to take a break from social media but I must admit that I’ve missed readingbyour blog posts the last few days! 🙂


  10. Kelly - Fabulous K says 4.29.13

    Looks so relaxing! I’m heading to Hawaii for a week in June and it can’t come fast enough. Beach vacations are the best!

  11. Anna @ IHOD says 4.29.13

    So happy you got some time off Grace! It looks like heaven!
    I try to cut off a day a week from social media- usually on Sundays and I always notice a much more engaging day with those around me.

  12. Taylor says 4.29.13

    Living in the moment, it’s great!!! For the past 3 months or so I”ve been cutting back – it makes every moment with friends and family a little bit more intimate & special. I’m counting down the moments until my next vacation!!!!!

  13. Gaby says 4.29.13

    Oh my Goodness this looks soooo relaxing, since we’re having a rainy day here I’m just going to stare at these and pretend 😉

  14. viv says 4.29.13

    Welcome back! There’s nothing better than a few days spent in the Caribbean to recharge the batteries 🙂 xx

  15. Alyssa says 4.29.13

    Looks amazing! Glad you got to relax and have fun! I agree on the social media thing though… we’re all so busy tweeting, instagramming, etc that we forget to live in the moment even when were supposed to be relaxing or on vacation and I sometimes feel like we never get to fully rest or recuperate….

  16. Need weekend like that. Soon. Lovely photos!

  17. Rachel says 4.29.13

    Glad you had a great time! I’m overdue for a nice vacation myself!

  18. OMG my friends and I went to the Bahamas about five years ago and it was the best trip ever!! The water is so gorgeous and warm! I love love love all your pics. I really want to go back! xox

  19. Lauren says 4.29.13

    looks amazing and relaxing- so jealous!! xo

  20. Chelsea says 4.29.13

    Oh my. Lucky girl, what a fabulous trip.

  21. I stay away from social media on the weekends and I can agree, it feels so refreshing! I’m glad you got a little down time! x

  22. Ash Bear says 4.30.13

    I talked with Bo this week about choosing one weekend day either Saturday or Sunday to 100% disconnect. 🙂

  23. this is so nice! where did you go exactly? glad you guys took a little “you-time” 🙂