Buying in Bulk.

A wise person (I can’t remember who,) once told me that when you find something you truly love, that fits you perfectly… you should buy it in bulk.   Good advice.  Over the past few weeks, I realized that I have more than taken it to heart.  Cases in point:  The shorts that I have seven pairs of (in every color – yellow, navy, white, neon pink, etc.)   The flattering mini dress that hides the big dinner I ate, but shows off my arms + legs.  (Have it in three colors.)  Classic Wayfarers in  a range of sizes + shapes.  The sweater that goes with everything… The silk blouse that is dressy, yet easy.  I’m not even going to talk about striped tees today.  That’s where it starts to get embarrassing.

J.Crew 3″ Chino Shorts // J.Crew Tippi Sweater // Alice & Olivia Fierra Dress //  Equipment Signature + J.Crew Blythe Blouses // Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Oliver Peoples Daddy B, Karen Walker Perfect Day.

I know I can’t be alone in this.  Please tell me… what do you buy in bulk?

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  1. Shannon Anderson says 3.14.12

    No you are not alone! I do the same thing with basics. If it looks good on you why not have it in all colors? Those shorts are going to be something I check out for potential stock up!

  2. PennyPincherFashion says 3.14.12

    I already have the shirt, shades & sweater…now I need to work on the dress & shorts!! 🙂

  3. Lisa Connolly says 3.14.12

    I am with you!  I definitely take advantage of buying 2 or 3 of the same thing if I like it – I have been frustrated too many times when I couldn’t replace one of my favorites.  My Mr. calls it ‘hoarding’.  I call it smart!!

  4. Fashion By Alicia says 3.14.12

    I definitely take advantage of buying in bulk especially is something is really flattering. 

  5. Natasha Fatah says 3.14.12

    I completely agree, if you find a piece that fits you well, that makes you feel great, that’s classic, buy multiples, buy all the colours available. I worked in retail for four years, and men were always very good about this – mostly because they hated shopping. But they’d come in, find a pair of pants that worked, buy them in every colour, and every pair in their size. 


  6. Alyson -- TAGG says 3.14.12

    Ah, yes! All about the multiples and you picked such perfect ones. Love how you have seven pairs of those shorts! Shorts have never been my thing but I always walk past those. I am majorly obsessed with the Alice + Oliva dress! So perfect for hiding indulgent meals. 🙂
    {ps: LOVING having disqus on your site… it really is so convenient!}

  7. Alex says 3.14.12

    I am totally the same way! especially with shoes because I have such a hard time finding ones that are comfortable so when they are classic and come in a few colors – I have to get them all!

  8. My Dressy Ways says 3.14.12

    Lol. I’m still trying to learn how to buy in bulk when it comes to clothes. Love the dress!

  9. Desiree Leone says 3.14.12

    I buy in bulk too! It’s true if you love it buy it in more than one color! I always buy multiple tees and shorts from J.crew in many colors! oohhh What fun!!! XO

  10. Tamra Sanford says 3.14.12

    I heart those Jcrew shorts! I have 2 pairs myself.  But I think I might have to go buy the blouses in bulk now.  Love that material!

  11. Kathy says 3.14.12

    …and then there are the articles of clothing that you realize you love and wear all the time, but by the time you figure it out, it’s no longer available wherever you bought it. I have a few things like that from years past that I wish I could go back and buy in every color!!!!

  12. [email protected] says 3.14.12

    I love this list!  I have the shorts, the equipment and j. crew blouse, and the alice+olivia dress 🙂 great fashionable staples that are a great fit, outfit, and are easy

  13. Taylor Curlyinthecity says 3.14.12

    YES YES YES, I do!!! I have the same classic T-shirt in every staple color & like 3 black & 5 white! And those Tippi sweaters, I have 2 and could use MORE! 

  14. Caterpillar9494 says 3.14.12

    Honestly, what’s the use in buying loads of the same thing, I mean for tank tops I guess its alright, but I would rather get a bunch of slightly different tanks than all the same in different colors. I have never bought anything in bulk. Sorry, it just seems weird

    • graceatwood says 3.14.12

      I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference.  To me, if I find a basic and really love it, I get it in as many colors as I possibly can.  It’s just too hard to find those perfect pieces that always make me feel greatZ!!!

  15. Mal @ The Chic Geek says 3.14.12

    I definitely do this. I finally found the perfect v neck tee for me at j crew and have been buying it in different colors when I see them on sale. It’s so comfortable, flattering and versatile

  16. Becca Atwood says 3.14.12

    I’ve also picked up the habit of buying in bulk – silk blouses and striped tees top the list.  I also have a few pairs of those shorts from over the years – I love that J. Crew updates their classic pieces every year so you don’t have to worry about them going away.

  17. Robin says 3.14.12

    I do the same thing with dresses!!! Once I find one I like and looks rockin’ I buy every color in my size!  Also since I wear contacts, I occasionally need reading glasses.  If I find readers at the drugstore that I love….all colors go in the basket!! 🙂

  18. Chic 'n Cheap Living says 3.14.12

    I would definitely buy the silk shirt in bulk!  I have  few perfect silk/lace tank tops in different colors – they are instantly chic and classic!

    xoxo,Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  19. Katrina says 3.14.12

    This is more or less the same list of things I stock up on, haha! Love that Tippi sweater and those shorts. I’m slowly buiding my collection. 🙂

  20. Jess says 3.14.12

    I’ve definitely done this too. The 3″ chino shorts are my go-to shorts! (I also love the Tippi sweater, but I’ve been wearing it in the fall/winter. I’m wondering if it will work as a good summerweight sweater.)

  21. Stephanie @ henry happened says 3.14.12

    Probably best to not talk about the striped shirts 🙂 It’s embarrassing how many I have!

  22. nancy @ adore to adorn says 3.14.12

    So true…and I do the same! =)

  23. Whitney - see shop eat do says 3.14.12

    I am buying Rory Beca silk tops in bulk! It really makes sense, especially if you are someone who accidentally spills on their clothes all the time like me! I am going to check out the shorts now! 

  24. Kate says 3.14.12

    Denim. When I find the right fit I buy the style in every available color since denim styles change so often I have to make sure I have myself covered in case the style isnt available next season. My husband thinks I have a problem. I kinda do…

    <3 Kate

  25. Jordan - Queen of LA says 3.14.12

    omg. i love this post. i am the exact same way! its the only way to ensure you’ll never be without the things you love… in EVERY color!

    i buy cat eye/oversize sunglasses that look the exact same over and over again. i also buy gap jeans – they fit me best – in lots of different washes, marc jacobs clutches – the perfect size – and tory burch eddie ballet flats… my favorite shoe, hands down. i have them in five colors! 

    i did a post about this a few months ago! great minds think alike!

  26. Jessica Marquez says 3.14.12

    I love all the pretty, bright colors J Crew has right now!

  27. Frankie Hearts Fashion says 3.14.12

    that dress is perfection! Must check it out now! xo

  28. Lila Sirena says 3.14.12

    I do it ALL the time, when I LOVE something I buy it in so many color as possible.

  29. Alex Hubbard says 3.14.12

    I buy jeans in bulk. If I find a cut that works, I buy it in every wash. And multiples of the same wash. And v-neck tees. I wear them with pencil skirts to work and with jeans on the weekend. They’re so perfect.

  30. Bettina says 3.14.12

    I’m with you on this one! The J. Crew chino’s make me feel like I have a huge addiction issue and the blythe blouse’s have quickly turned me on to Equipment blouses, which I fear will turn into a full blow obsession after I make my first purchase this weekend. I planned to purchase during Nordstrom triple points, so at least I get some kind of perk from it 🙂 

  31. Sarah Sequins says 3.14.12

    Grace, I definitely buy in bulk! Especially when it comes to my favorite t-shirts. It’s so hard to find things in my size that are actually pretty.

    Loving the mini dresses. I can totally see you rocking those. 🙂

  32. Anna says 3.14.12

    I’m addicted to skinny jeans from the Gap. I also love to buy the same basic shirt from F21. 

  33. Laura|Style Notes says 3.15.12

    Absolutely, I’ve already done it with about 3 pieces this Spring!

    Love your finds 🙂 xo

  34. Lesley says 3.15.12

    I love love love those shorts and blouses! I don’t blame you for buying in bulk I do the same with just about anything that I like and that comes in multiple colors. My friends use to think I was crazy! 🙂

  35. Koko @ Koko Likes says 3.15.12

    I do the exact same thing!! Clutches, shoes, t-shirts, but then sometimes I buy three of something and NEVER wear them. So it definitely can tend to backfire. 

  36. Gaby says 3.16.12

    Sometimes I try to convince myself not to get the same item in a different color, back in my teens, my best friend and I would get the same thing in different colors and then we would swap, I miss those times! 😉

  37. Lauren Ferreira says 3.20.12

    Ummm… so you pretty much just catalogued my wardrobe.  I’m actually wearing an Equipment blouse right now.  And I LOVE the jcrew chino shorts – although mine are a bit more on the neutral side.  I’m definitely a firm believer in buying classic, well-fitting pieces in multiple colors.  It’s the worst when you’re standing in front of your closet holding the perfect shirt in the wrong color because you didn’t buy multiples.  

  38. Jessica says 3.20.12

    oh my goodness. i love this post. i hoard perfect black, 3 inch, pointy toe heels… but I would love to have a stash of silk blouses, and perfect skinny jeans!