Brunch Idea: Donuts + Champagne Cocktails.

v8 donuts 1

And we’re back with a little more weekend brunching inspiration. Last time around I did a boozy little juice bar + overnight strata, which is great for co-ed groupsĀ . Today’s brunch is perfect for hosting your girlfriends… a donut tasting and champagne cocktails with my friends at V8. I went to Dough in Flatiron (my most favorite donuts ever) to pick up an array of donuts, picked up a few bottles of Veuve, and used V8’s Pineapple Passion + Red Radiance Juices.

v8 donuts 2

To make the champagne cocktails, just fill your glass 3/4 the way with your favorite Prosecco or Champagne, and top off with juice. If you feel like being extra fancy, you can dip the rim of the glass in sugar first.

All of the V8 Veggie blends are delicious on their own and in a variety of recipes, but I personally love Pineapple Passion for this cocktail. It’s light and refreshing with other fruits like white grape + passion fruit. And for those looking for an extra kick to start your day, the Pomegranate Blueberry +Energy is a healthy, natural and delicious alternative to provide the energy you need to start the day.

v8 donuts 3

v8 donuts 4

For donuts I went with a mix of fruity + chocolate. I picked up Dough’s classic glaze, passion fruit, blood orange, chocolate salted caramel… and the kicker… the powdery ones on top which are stuffed with Nutella. So decadent!!!

v8 donuts 5

v8 donuts 6

v8 donuts 7

v8 donuts 8

Created in Collaboration with V8.

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Regine Karpel:
    8.12.16 Reply
  2. UMMMMM Yes, please.

    8.12.16 Reply
  3. Goodness those doughnuts look good!! Glad to see V8 there…….to keep things balanced!

    8.12.16 Reply
  4. I can totally get on board with this brunch! Yum!

    8.13.16 Reply