I got back yesterday from a wonderful weekend in Boston.  A friend who’d been living in Singapore for the past three (plus?) years had (finally) moved back to the States, so celebration was in order.  (And what better weekend to go to Boston than St. Patrick’s Day weekend?)

We stayed with my married friends, who were the most wonderful of hosts.  And don’t get me started on their apartment.  I had serious apartment envy.  It’s located in the heart of the North End and something straight out of Anthropologie or Design Sponge

Because it was rainy all weekend, we spent most of the weekend inside… watching movies, catching up, and eating a lot of delicious food.  We did make it out of the house on Saturday for a delicious dinner at Tresca in the North End… and then out to the bars of Fanieul Hall.

the delicious breakfast that Ryan prepared for us… scrambled eggs with (surprisingly!) munster cheese… and blueberry/banana pancakes.
How cute is their kitchen… jealous of the size… and the decor!  (I swear… if I had more space, I’d actually cook once in awhile…)
Dinner out with great friends!

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