bombom jewelry

If you don’t know about bombom jewelry, then you should probably change that.  The brand launched just under eight months ago, with a line of jewelry that is special + unique, without breaking the bank.  Everything in the shop is on trend, yet classic.  More importantly, each piece is designed with purpose.

When I say that the pieces are designed with purpose, this is what I mean.  I had a chance to catch up with the designers (who designs each piece with her mother,) and asked her about the Gold Pop Lumi Ring.  She explained that they handpicked the stone for the ring in Jaipur and designed the setting so that the stone could really shine through by plating the ring in 18k matte gold… keeping the gold subdued and highlighting the druzy stone.  There’s a story behind every single piece, which I absolutely love.  Below are ten of my favorite pieces from the collection.

1.  Gold Beat Swirl Ring // 2.  Gold Confetti Twist Topaz Bangle // 3.  Gold Confetti Lace Amethyst Earrings

4.  Rose Gold Squared Ring // 5. Rose Gold Pop Droplet Topaz Bangle // 6.   Gold Dainty Diamond Stacking Ring

7.  Rose Gold Confetti Twist Topaz Ring // 8.  Rose Gold Confetti Twist Topaz Bangle

9.  Rose Gold Confetti Twist Topaz Bangle  // 10.  Gold Pop Lumi Ring

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  1. Preciously Me says 8.22.12

    Beautiful! My favorite piece is the Gold Pop Lumi Ring ?
    Thanks for this great find 😉

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      I love the gold lumi ring, too… so so pretty!

  2. Kimberly S says 8.22.12

    I really must have #6 – like now!  Thanks for sharing – hadn’t heard of them before 🙂

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      gladly – happy I could make the introduction! 🙂

  3. Huggybuggy3 says 8.22.12

    I love number 4! Super unique and pretty!

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      agree completely. they have so many beautiful, unique pieces!

  4. Elizabeth Schneider says 8.22.12

    Seriously stunning, those dainty bracelets are calling my name!

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      i agree!

  5. Heidi {Dooley Noted Style} says 8.22.12

    Love this find – thanks for sharing! I want everything

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      I do as well… it’s hard to pick even just one favorite piece!

  6. christin schindewolf says 8.22.12

    #6 please! 

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      love that one!

  7. tomorrowtodayblog says 8.22.12

    thanks for sharing, i love this line! dying for that lumi ring!

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      me too. the lumi ring (and bangle!) is one of my faves.

  8. Comfy Cozy Couture says 8.22.12

    Thanks for sharing this brand!! I love everything…especially those stackable rings!

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      agree – they are just so pretty and dainty!

  9. Tierney says 8.22.12

    I really love all this delicate gold/rose-gold jewelry you’ve been sharing.  Between this and catbird, you’re going to clean me out, Grace!

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      aw, my bad… but at least you’ll have the prettiest little baubles… both are SO GOOD!

  10. Amanda || Eclectic Snapshots says 8.22.12

    Thanks for the introduction. Such beautiful pieces – cant wait to go shopping!

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      happy I could be the one who introduced you to them! 🙂

  11. jasmine. says 8.22.12

    …love these pieces, very delicate but easy to wear everyday….

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      that’s why I love them, too!

  12. Mrs C says 8.22.12

    I would take one of each if I could! Great picks!! I made a grilled watermelon summer salad and I am passing the recipe around! So refreshing with all the crazy heat!! 🙂 Would love to know what you think!

  13. Laura @ Sweet Life a la Carte says 8.22.12

    Wow, these pieces are ridiculously beautiful. I especially love #2 and #9. So my style…thank you for sharing this talented designer! 

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      Me too… so happy to share… I’m obsessed! 🙂

  14. Molliee Martin says 8.22.12

    love how dainty and feminine this jewelry is! fun!

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      i agree… so pretty!

  15. Jacquelyn Giardina says 8.22.12

    omg why did you show me this! lol now i want everything

    xo Jackie…livingaftermidnite

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      haha, that’s how I felt when I discovered the site… 🙂

  16. The Avg Girl Guide says 8.22.12

    adore all these delicate pieces! those rings are great… remind me of cat bird.

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      Yes, they are quite similar!

  17. Serendipity says 8.24.12

    LOVE! The thin gold hammered look is perfect for dress up or everyday wear! Thanks for the intro to such a unique new brand! 

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      Agree… I love it! Happy I could be the one who introduced you!

  18. PinQue says 8.24.12

    Those earrings are fabulous! Thanks for sharing a new brand with such amazing pieces!

    • graceatwood says 9.4.12

      Gladly! So happy that you love as much as I do!