Blue & White in Bermuda.

Star Mela Dress 1
dress // sunglasses // sandals


And so begins the slew of Bermuda posts. We took these photos in Hamilton, wandering around down by the water. I have to say, taking photos in Bermuda was a lot of fun because there are pink walls everywhere. You will notice that as we get into the rest of the posts over the next couple weeks. So I’m apologizing now for all of the pink walls. Hamilton is Bermuda’s capital, and is really just your perfect, picturesque harbor city… packed with museums, galleries, gardens, and lots of great places to shop. We popped into Urban Cottage and then wandered down to the water and got iced coffees.

My dress is from Star Mela. I have a few of their bags (currently crushing on this one and this one!) and was so excited to see that they also make really cute embroidered dresses. I mean, you know by now that I have a really hard time saying no to anything that is shapeless, blue, and white, so this one was right up my alley.

I hope you guys had a great weekend. Mine was pretty anti-climatic which is what I needed after being away. I’m in the process of switching out my closet to Spring/Summer and have been on a donating rampage. I did manage to get a blowout and a manicure yesterday as I’m speaking on a panel this afternoon… but I was lucky to get a lot of rest and made a dent in what’s become a rather huge to-do list. I can’t get over this weather though… it’s absolutely beautiful here in New York… finally!

Outfit Details: Star Mela Dress (also available here)// J.Crew Factory Bucket Bag (c/o) // J.Crew Factory Sandals (c/o) // J.Crew Factory Sunglasses (c/o) // Vita Fede Cuff // Eddie Borgo Cuff

Star Mela Dress 2

Star Mela Dress 3

Star Mela Dress 4

Star Mela Dress 5

Star Mela Dress 6

Star Mela Dress 7

Star Mela Dress 9

Star Mela Dress 10

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Natali says 4.25.16

    I’ve been also trying to clean out mine and my daughter’s closets. Even though the weather is still not 100% Spring like in my city and I can’t yet completely witch to my Spring/Summer wardrobe, I can def. see that I’ll have quit a few pieces to store away and donate. 🙂
    You’re looking beautiful in these photos and I think that this kind of cute, girly dress suits you perfectly!

  2. Kristin says 4.25.16

    Loving this dress! Perfect for the beach 😉


  3. Any chance you want to donate your old clothes to me? :). Love this dress – and laughed when you said you’re attracted to anything shapeless. Same here!

    • Jess Zimlich says 4.25.16

      I thought the same thing!

      • graceatwood says 4.25.16

        haha you guys are funny. You don’t want the stuff I’m donating, trust me… I’m hard on my stuff! I did just start selling at Crossroads which has been helpful! The only downside of living in New York is the closet space! xo

  4. Bermuda looks so gorgeous, and all the pink walls are like a fashion blogger’s dream!

    Baubles to Bubbles

  5. francesca says 4.25.16

    nice look!love the sandals!


  6. Jess Zimlich says 4.25.16

    J. Crew Factory has been killin’ it lately! I picked up two striped tees a few weekends ago and went back for a white and grey one this weekend….where I also found these sandals – which I love! They’re similar to the Sole Society pair I missed out on last season and the extra 35% didn’t hurt either 😉 Looking forward to seeing the rest of your posts from the trip!

    • graceatwood says 4.25.16

      Completely agree!!! The prices are so good and they have so many cute stripes + sandals! The wedges I wore in the Nexxus post the other day are literally the most comfortable shoes I own… I wore them to the airport (and I’m not the traveling-in-heels-type!)

  7. alyson says 4.25.16

    Star Mela carries dresses now?! Awesome news… also loving up the purses by this brand. What a gorgeous backdrop… looks like an awesome getaway!

    alyson //

    • graceatwood says 4.25.16

      Yes! Good to know, right??? They have so many cute styles at Revolve+ ASOS.

  8. caitie says 4.25.16

    i can’t wait to see the rest of the photos from your trip! bermuda looks so pretty, and your outfit is perfect!

  9. Amanda S. says 4.25.16

    Love this. Don’t blame you on the pink walls… dreamy!

  10. terri martin says 4.25.16

    so perfect!

  11. kelly owens says 4.25.16

    You are just adorable in these photos!!!

  12. Shae says 4.25.16

    Love this! Bermuda looks gorgeous on you!

    Shae @ Current Habits

  13. Dana says 4.25.16

    Oooooh I need this dress! Lydia said you guys had a blast – looked beautiful!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  14. Cy says 4.25.16

    Hi Grace, Thanks for your lovely comments about my

  15. Thuy says 4.25.16

    You look great. Kill it at the panel today! Wish I could be there.

    • graceatwood says 4.25.16

      That is so sweet… thank you! (It went really well.) xo

  16. Cy says 4.25.16

    Hi Grace, Thanks for your lovely comments about my sister. We were three also. I am lucky to call both my sisters, my friends. My other sister is in Brooklyn.
    I love all the pink walls! I’m took a leave of absence in the early part of the year(not good when you can”t stop crying in front of customers)but, now I’m looking toward a beach vacation. You look so relaxed and warm in your little shift dress. Like your sandals too, but wish they came in leather(my feet get sweaty).I’m thinking about those nude wedges you wore in the Tribecca/Nexxus post. That dress was so pretty on you too! Thanks for always brightening my day.

    • graceatwood says 4.25.16

      I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a beach vacation!!!! You deserve it, I hope you can get away.

      Those nude wedges are the most comfortable shoes I own! It is crazy. They are patent leather which could be an issue if you feet get sweaty, but I *think* that they also come in suede. Thanks for reading and commenting! xoxo

  17. Cy says 4.25.16

    Also since you love blue and white, the pink walls are a perfect background for you. I have a friend who only uses those pink lightbulbs(I have a few around too, like the bedroom) because, she says it’s the next best thing to candlelight and everyone looks good by candle light

    • graceatwood says 4.25.16

      What a great idea… I am going to have to look into pink light bulbs! xx

  18. Lyndsey Zorich says 4.25.16

    Love it. So jealous of your vacay.

  19. Kristen says 4.25.16

    Bermuda backdrops must have been a dream for you! I have similar shades I’ve been rocking but they are from Sunski, love them so much.

  20. Rachel says 4.26.16

    I love love love this dress! It is the perfect dress for a vacation and the blue/white looks so nice on you! I also love the backdrops for the photos (especially the pink architecture). Super pretty!