Bits and Pieces from Home.

Home, sweet home.  When I’m not at home, I’m missing it… but after three or four days, I’m usually ready to get back to the city and to “real life.”  Real life can be hectic, so I have a tendency to hole up and turn into a recluse when I get home.  I sleep in late, lounge in cozy clothes, and catch up on reading and blogging.  As sad as it may sound, I generally don’t leave the house unless it’s to make a trip to Michael’s or go out to eat.  It’s always for the better… the second I get back to New York it’s back to the balancing act, to running around, embracing the hustle and bustle that comes with city life.  Now that I’m back in the city, I’m already missing home!
 {A perfect fire on Christmas Eve.}
 {Festive treasures on my mother’s vanity}
 {A pretty display in our kitchen window.}
More, after the break.
 {Our family dog, Dawson.  He’s the sweetest.}
{The foot of one of our antique chairs.}

{Wine, wine, & more wine…}

 {Linguini with clam sauce at my parents’ restaurant.}

A very merry dessert!

P.S.  I’m over on Fashion Truffles, today… sharing my New Years Eve tradition and resolutions.  Be sure to stop by!

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