Birchbox – Your Monthly Dose of Fab.

There’s nothing like a special treat on a rainy day. My Birchbox came yesterday and it was most definitely the highlight of a dreary day.

What’s a Birchbox, you ask? Head to for more details, but basically, it’s a monthly selection of curated (deluxe) samples that the owners of the company have personally tried and tested.

And none of those measly foil packets – these are deluxe size samples that allow you to actually really evaluate the products and decide for yourself if you want to buy them. (If you do decide to buy them, you can order them through the site… and get free shipping.)

Mine contained:
 – Phyto 7 Crème de Jour (Leave in Conditioner)
 – Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray Eye Shadow Primer
 – CARGO’s LashActivator Mascara
 – Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream.

I personally love this concept. First of all, I loooove trying new products. Obvi. But secondly, the deluxe sizes are totally purse friendly. For example, I am already a huge fan of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and have it at home… but now I have a cute little purse size version to keep in my make-up bag. And lastly, who doesn’t like getting presents in the mail? It’s $10 a month and a totally affordable treat to look forward to every month.

They’re currently in beta (they maxed out at 200 people for the first two months,) but they’ve started a waiting list. But come June, (fingers crossed… I can’t imagine this not being a huge success,) you can get in on the goods and become a member.

P.S. Joining also gives you access to their fabulous online magazine. Exclusive content, just for members (like how to wear red lipstick and taupe nails, for example.)

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