Big Night Beauty Made Easy.


I don’t do makeup tutorials around here as those really aren’t my area of expertise. I am good at finding idiot-proof makeup products that really work… and I’m good at skincare. Applying makeup is not my forte. Alas, a few weeks ago during fashion week I snapped this selfie (en route to the FMA’s, wearing this outfit) and I got so many amazing compliments from you guys. Everyone was asking for a tutorial. This is as close as you’ll get to a makeup tutorial from me… here goes!

I started by applying Milk Makeup’s Skin Tint all over my face. This is a fun product to apply as it’s in a rollerball. The shade (Medium) was slightly darker than my natural skin tone, but as this is a really natural looking product, the effect was nice – it just made me look glowy and pretty. I rolled a bit on my forehead, cheeks, nose, + chin and then blended it in with my BeautyBlender.

The one item not pictured is a very important item – it’s MAC Hush. My best friend + first roommate in New York got me hooked on this. It makes your eyeshadow really stay on… and it also doubles as a highlighter! I put this all over my entire eyelid as an eyeshadow base, and then a bit on my brow bone + down the bridge of my nose.


I lined my eyes (just the inner rim) top and bottom with this Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner pencil (in Steel Gray). This is, far and away, my favorite eyeliner as it is so precise – impossible to mess up! And then, using this Stila palette I applied shimmery Kitten all over, and then that middle brown color just on the lid. Seriously, so basic… but with such pretty results. Using Hush underneath keeps the shadow on all night but also gives it a more dimensional/prismatic look.

On my brows, I used this new product from Maybelline. They sent it to me more recently and I became instantly obsessed. It’s a lot like Glossier’s Boy Brow but I like it even more as I find it fills in sparse areas a bit better, so you don’t need to use a brow pencil. One product that does it all.


If you are into lashes, but are challenged with makeup and/or not necessarily good at applying them, this little gadget from Flirt Cosmetics will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. No but seriously. It will.

As an aside, earlier this summer, I attended the launch party for Estee Lauder’s new online-only brand, Flirt Cosmetics. This is their first product… right now there is just one product. Everyone was all excited to meet Amber Rose but I didn’t even know who she was (oops!)… instead I followed Donald Robertson around like a complete + total stalker as he’s one of my favorite artists. The product did not go on sale until mid-September, so I had a lot of time to practice. For the above look, I applied two little bundles of lashes to the outer corner of each eye.

The way it works is sort of like one of those old school Wite-Out dispensers… remember those? You click a button and then roll out a new bundle of lashes. Apply glue to the base of the bundle, let it dry for 30 seconds until it’s tacky, and then press the dispenser to your lashes. Boom… instant falsies. Once fully dried, I applied two coats of mascara to each eye to properly blend the “flashes” with my lashes.

While it did take me a little while to get the hang of it, I became a pro in all of ten minutes. I have never in my life been able to apply false lashes myself, so this gadget gets a gold star from me.


I applied a coat of YSL’s new Lip Vinyl (in Rhythm Red) and was ready to go! The whole getting ready process took maybe 15 minutes and I felt so glamorous.


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  1. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul:

    Gorgeous girl!

    9.25.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      thank you Erin! x

      9.25.16 Reply
  2. Cy:

    I’m going try try the Maybelline brow. I’m currently using the Sephora version, not bad, but most of the colors are on the ashy side. Benefit makes a good one too, but a tiny tube is like $30! I don’t mind being spendy on some things( had a little shopping accident with my sister in Space NK yesterday) , but I don’t always find that the “lux” version is worth it. Love this look on you! Glam, but not overdone. The last time I wore falsies was at my wedding, just a small strip on the outer corners. I loved the look, but it was a challenge for me! That flirt gadget looks easier. I love the idea of the MAC hush. I’ve been wearing MAC forever ( I still think their eyeshadows are the best) and I never knew about this product. Have the most amazing birthday week!

    9.25.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Thanks Cy!!! I love the Benefit one – this Maybelline version is a LOT like it! Hope you give it a try 🙂 xx

      9.25.16 Reply