The Best Striped Dress - Grace Atwood, The Stripe
dress // bag // necklace // sunglasses // heels


We shot these photos on one of my favorite blocks on Macdougal Street in the West Village. The row of colorful brownstones reminds me (just a little bit) of Rainbow Row in Charleston. So happy and colorful! And this is the best striped dress. It’s just the right length, just thick enough, just loose enough, just perfect. It also just went on sale today! I hope Vineyard Vines comes out with it in more colors as I will surely need to snap them up! Whenever I’m not sure what to wear (especially in this nice in between weather where you don’t need tights) I  usually end up in a striped dress with chunky heels. It’s a foolproof formula that doesn’t require much fuss!

But what I wanted to talk about today is Snapchat. My handle is grace.atwood. Are you on it? Most of my friends (outside of blogging) don’t use it and to be honest for a while, I would only use it to send cat pics to my sister. I was a little bit of a late adapter – it took me a while to fully understand it and get used to it. At first, I really, REALLY hated talking to the camera. But I’m starting to really love it… it’s definitely the most real of all the social platforms and I like having a place where I can be my weirdo self without the content living on forever.

Outfit Details: Vineyard Vines Dress (c/o) // Clare V Leopard Clutch // Julie Vos Baroque Cuff // Julie Vos Large Link Bracelet // Sole Society Ferris Block Heel Sandals (c/o) // Krewe Julia Cateye Sunglases // Candy Shop Vintage Croissant Necklace

Look for Less: Dress // Heels // Clutch

The Best Striped Dress - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

I personally use Snapchat to share my day to day with you… the things that are important and exciting to me but maybe not necessarily as pretty as what goes up on the blog and on insta. I like it though, as it’s the most “real” social platform… sometimes Instagram can be so exhausting as everything is supposed to look so beautiful and perfect.

I also really like it because it’s easy to talk to you guys! For whatever reason it just feels a bit easier than comments on the blog + instagram, or twitter (which I still love, by the way… anyone else?)

Below are a few of my favorite things to snap:

  1. My trainer and I live snap our workouts (usually on Mondays + Thursdays).
  2. Books I’m reading!
  3. I open up my mail (bloggers get so much of it!!!) It sounds funny but it’s always a favorite – sometimes the deliveries I get are pretty entertaining.
  4. Random rants and raves…
  5. Events and all the behind-the-scenes stuff that go into blogging.
  6. Things I cook and eat…
  7. Occasional Q&A’s.
  8. My beauty routine + mini product reviews.
  9. Beauty products that I test which don’t make it onto the blog (aka, the bad stuff).
  10. Tyrion. Always, Tyrion.

It’s quickly becoming my favorite social media channel… what about you?


(You can add me on Snapchat by scanning this little guy… or by adding me manually – I’m grace.atwood)

PS – Who are your favorite people to follow on Snapchat? I am looking to follow a few new ones… would love to hear your favorites!!

The Best Striped Dress - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

The Best Striped Dress - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

The Best Striped Dress - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

The Best Striped Dress - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

The Best Striped Dress - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

The Best Striped Dress - Grace Atwood, The Stripe

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Elizabeth says 10.10.16

    I’ve been using snapchat lately and it’s turned into one of my favorite apps!

    • graceatwood says 10.11.16

      Yay! Me too! xx

  2. Tracy Schwartz says 10.10.16

    I really like snapchat and then insta stories came out. I prefer snapchat over Insta but feel like more and more bloggers I follow are on Insta.

    Your snaps are great and I love your workout ones.

    Have a great week!

    • graceatwood says 10.11.16

      I agree! I sort of see Snapchat as where I follow just a handful of my favorites, and then IG I follow a lot more people. So I post longer content to Snapchat and just the occasional thing here or there to IG stories! So many platforms!!!!

  3. Thuy says 10.10.16

    Your snapchat is probably in my top 5 favourites of bloggers that I follow 🙂

    • graceatwood says 10.11.16

      Awwww, that is so sweet of you to say, Thuy! Thank you! xx

  4. brittany olander says 10.10.16

    i seriously love snapchat- its my favorite spot for documenting my day by day with my little girl. i also love, like you said, how it feels actually “real”.

    i will have to follow you!

    I’ve got photo ready coordinating outfits for mama + mini over on my blog if you’re interested!

    • graceatwood says 10.11.16

      I agree, it’s so nice having a platform that doesn’t have to be perfect looking!!!

  5. Elishia says 10.10.16

    I don’t have snapchat mainly because most of my friends don’t have it… but I’m aware that as a fledgling blogger it should definitely appear in my future. But I don’t use twitter either… I think perhaps I am a lost cause!

    • graceatwood says 10.11.16

      You should start! Even if you just post every now and then it could be good for your blog! (And you can always teach your friends… I have had to slowly teach mine!)

  6. Jess Zimlich says 10.10.16

    You’re one of my Snapchat favorites and I can’t get enough of workouts you’ve been sharing!

    • graceatwood says 10.11.16

      Aw thank you so much Jess!!! Trying! Sharing them motivates me to work harder, haha!

  7. Dana says 10.10.16

    Those booties are perfect!

    I love Snapchat SO much more than IG stories. I actually don’t check IG stories or utilize the platform. For whatever reason, Snapchat is just a lot better!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    • graceatwood says 10.11.16

      I completely agree! I think it’s because I follow so many people on IG – it’s really overwhelming!!! I will occasionally post to IG stories but generally just like Snapchat so much more. xo

  8. carrie says 10.10.16

    How was I not following you on Snapchat?! I am now. 🙂

    Mine is wearwherewell.


    • graceatwood says 10.11.16

      I don’t know HOW we we weren’t following each other already!! Followed back 😉 xo

  9. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says 10.10.16

    Love that striped dress!

    • graceatwood says 10.11.16

      Thank you Erin!!

  10. Rebekah says 10.10.16

    I’m all for striped dresses! For some reason whenever I walk into a store I am immediately drawn to anything striped, no shame!

    Alos, you are inspiring to step-up my snapchat game! I added you <3

    • graceatwood says 10.11.16

      I feel exactly the same way!!! Always stripes, all the time! xo

  11. Theodora Blanchfield says 10.10.16

    Your Snapchat is so fun! Thoughts on IG stories vs Snapchat, since you use both?

    • graceatwood says 10.11.16

      Mmmm… I kinda had to pick one — I think Snapchat is for really engaged readers who want to see longer stories, whereas on IG stories I will just post maybe one quick pic here or there!

  12. Jenn Lake says 10.10.16

    Love all of your snaps, lady! And this is definitely one of the best NYC streets of all time! Hope you had a fab Monday!

    • graceatwood says 10.11.16

      I could see you shooting there! And thanks, re: Monday + Snapchat! xoxo 😉

  13. Megan @ Pink O'Clock says 10.12.16

    I love Snapchat, too, especially the filters, but after reading about how sleazy the founder is, I’m really put off:

    • graceatwood says 10.17.16

      Oh gosh yuck. Thanks for sharing.