The Best Spring Shoes at Every Price.

The Best Spring Shoes at Every Price Point... The Stripe Blog

And we’re back with another splurge-save-really save feature! Today we’re talking about the best Spring shoes. So, you probably don’t need ten pairs of Spring shoes. But these are the styles that I’m personally most excited about. And so (with Kelly’s help!!) I’ve rounded my favorite styles up, at every price point. I will admit that I can be a bit snobby about my shoes. Wearing good footwear is so important (as a runner I am already so hard on my feet!) and bad shoes can impact so much – your joints, your posture, your overall well-being.

I’ll get off my soapbox, but I firmly believe in buying the best shoes you can afford, taking great care of them, and re-wearing them season after season. That being said, the “really save” options that we’ve rounded up today are really cute… I would wear them all!

1. Criss Cross Sandals: splurge // save // really save

2. Wooden Platforms: splurge // save // really save

3. Elegant Flip Flops: splurge // save // really save

4. Flat Espadrilles: splurge // save // really save

5. Lace Up Flats: splurge // save // really save

6. Block Heel Sandals: splurge // save // really save

7. Fringe Sandals: splurge // save // really save

8. Open Toe Booties: splurge // save // really save

9. Heeled Espadrilles: splurge // save // really save

10. Nude Strappy Sandals: splurge // save // really save

PS – For more of this series, check out this post… great spring style at every price point!

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  1. Mary Beth and Becky says 4.14.16

    Absolutely love all of the elegant flip flops! Might have to splurge once it gets a little warmer. All three of them would go with almost any outfit!

  2. Cynthia says 4.14.16

    This is a great list! You did a really good job of finding similar shoes at different price points. My faves are the block heel sandals.

    Likely By Sea

  3. M says 4.14.16

    Such a great post! Love all the options.

  4. Kate says 4.14.16

    love them all!

  5. Rachel Long says 4.14.16

    I always love these posts… thank you for tracking down so many great options!

  6. Kara says 4.14.16

    Love this!!

  7. Terri Martin says 4.14.16

    Thank you for this. It’s great to see such cute shoes at such a range of price points!

  8. Rachel says 4.15.16

    loving everything! lovely pieces!

  9. Thuy says 4.15.16

    Flip flops kind of make my feet feel uncomfortable – plus I’m too aggressive to not break them all the time – but if I was going flip flops, I’m a fan of the elegant option.

    Nude strappy sandals are perf for summer.

  10. Georgia says 4.15.16

    wow – what a great roundup!

  11. K says 4.15.16

    All of them, please! Thank you for taking the time to find cute options at every price!!! <3

  12. Elisa says 4.15.16

    Love this! Need to add some flat espadrilles to my wardrobe this Spring.

  13. Arianna says 4.26.16

    Super adorable and extremely helpful thanks for sharing! From one modern day girlfriend to the next.