My Favorite Body Products.

eight best body products
the eight best body products


A couple months ago, I was in barre class and we were doing squats but had to grab our elbows to stretch out our shoulders. I grabbed for my right elbow and nearly screamed because my elbow was so incredibly dry that it didn’t even feel like skin. Seriously rough and ashy. Yucks.  I can’t even believe I’m admitting this (okay, let’s be honest I can believe it… after this post, anything is fair game!) but when I got home, I got to work – drastic measures needed to be taken. It was time to take better (if not as good) care of the skin on my body and not just my face. When it comes to my face, I’m obsessive about skincare… but sometimes overlook my arms and legs. #stripefail.

Today I’ve rounded up a handful or two of my most favorite body beauty products. These guys will have your skin in shape in no time for summer… no dryness, scaly patches, or other horrors!

frank body scrub body balm

I’m having a torrid love affair with Frank Body Scrub. No but seriously. This stuff is a mainstay in my beauty cabinet, and while I had gotten negligent for a few months this winter, I try to use it at least once a week. I wrote a more comprehensive post about it here, but it’s seriously good. It sloughs off dead cells and leaves your skin feeling like velvet. Some say it eliminates cellulite, and while I won’t go that far, it definitely minimizes its appearance.

Frank’s new body balm is also incredible. It’s super super hydrating, and it’s packed with three extra rich oils (coconut, grape seed, sweet almond.) As an added bonus, coffee seed extract stimulates blood flow which helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. These two products (and lots of Soul Cycle + Core Fusion) are what’s getting me ready for bikini weather.

top three body creams

Next up – my three favorite moisturizers!

Cocovit is the best coconut oil I’ve tried – and I’ve tried them all. It doesn’t hurt that the packaging is extra pretty, either. This particular coconut oil is harvested from organic coconuts in South India. The brand uses a special extraction process that allows the oil to be left raw (which helps it to retain its freshness and won’t alter the oil’s restorative healing properties.) It’s 100% pure, organic oil and while there are a million uses for coconut oil (ahem, oil pulling!) I love using this one as a body moisturizer.

Gold Bond Rough & Bumpy is my fave drugstore product. The skin on my upper arms is prone to keratosis pilaris (those super sexy red bumps that so many of us are plagued with) and this is the only thing (short of a prescription cream I got from my dermatologist a while back) that works to get rid of them. It’s fragrance free and completely non irritating, but contains AHA, BHA, PHA, and eight intensive moisturizers. T

Cle de Peau’s Body Cream is one of those products I save for special occasions. It’s extra luxurious and silky, and leaves skin feeling super velvety (this + Frank = the ultimate date night dream team.)


And last but not least, a few special superhero products:

The Organic Pharmacy’s De-Tox Cellulite Body Oil is one of the only products (along with FRANK!) that actually helps minimize the appearance of cellulite. We’ve discussed this before; topical products will never eliminate cellulite, but they can reduce its appearance. This one will do just that… and the invigorating scent (juniper, grapefruit, rosemary) is a great way to wake yourself up a bit. For extra credit, use a dry brush (read my post about dry brushing here.)

The Coqui Coqui’s Bath/Body oil in Coco Coco (try saying that five times, fast) is one of my most favorite + special indulgences. The fragrance reminds me of my vacation to Tulum – it smells a little bit musky, and a little bit like suntan oil. It’s basically vacation in a bottle. I’m halfway through mine, which means I need to get back to Tulum soon (or I could just order a new bottle, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.) I save this for days when the weather is bad and I need a pick me up. I can’t say enough about this oil… or the fragrance.

And last but not least, when you want to feel like a model, apply a bit of NAKED’s body balm to your legs. Insta-supermodel legs. It’s chock full of light reflecting particles, contains firming technology, and (probably most importantly) won’t rub off on your clothing. This one is also just for special occasions, but it leaves your skin looking really, really pretty.


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  1. Annie Reeves:

    I really, really need to try frank! I keep reading about it and saying that buuuuut it’s time.

    4.28.15 Reply
  2. caitie:

    i love your beauty posts! i’m a huge fan of frank too… i need to give their body balm a try!

    4.28.15 Reply
  3. Cathleen:

    I try not to rest my elbows on fabrics, which seems to help keep them from getting really nasty. Sweater elbows on the desk seem the worst, but any fabric, especially rough – furniture, etc. Not always practical, but still it’s a tip.
    I may try some of these products, especially Frank and the body oil.
    I always love these posts.

    4.28.15 Reply
  4. Rose:

    I LOVE this post!! You were the one who got me to try Frank 😉 I also love Coqui Coqui, we carry a few of the their fragrances at Otte—my favorite for summer is Flopum, it’s so beach-y!

    4.28.15 Reply
  5. Isabella:

    Loved this!

    The Jergens Body BB Cream is actually incredible & a great more affordable dupe for the Urban Decay NAKED Body Balm 🙂

    4.28.15 Reply
  6. Meghan:

    So many brands I haven’t heard of and need to check out!

    4.28.15 Reply
  7. fshnonmymind:

    Speaking of that post you initially referenced, I bought the foot peel after you posted about it and tried it out on Sunday. I’m still waiting for the snake skin shedding to start (lol) but I can’t wait to have silky smooth feet!

    4.28.15 Reply
  8. Sarah Mitus:

    Any suggestions for a bodywash? I’ve tried a bunch but none have wowed me!

    4.28.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      yes!! I LOVE Rahua’s all natural body wash. Should have included it in this post. It smells incredible and is 100% natural/non toxic, too! I like Aesop, too but it didn’t wow me the way that the Rahua did 🙂

      4.28.15 Reply
  9. Ally:

    Coconut oil is my go-to beauty product for my skin and hair so I’ll definitively check out Cocovit!

    Xo Ally

    4.28.15 Reply
  10. Sally:

    I have heard SO much about Frank, I really need to hunker down and make the purchase!! Also super interested in that Naked Skin body balm! Looks super gorgeous.

    4.28.15 Reply
  11. Amy:

    Love Frank! A great Australian company who’ve just hit the nail on the head with their products. But I do have to say that I think you guys in the US have access to better drug store prods than we do in Australia – and at much better prices. So jelly. x

    4.28.15 Reply