Best of Amazon, Vol 2.

Best of Amazon, Vol 2. - The Stripe


And we are back with another round of Amazon Favorites! This round-up is always so much fun to put together as there is definitely a certain thrill of the chase and element of discovery that I find exciting. I love discovering new things to share with you here (that you hopefully haven’t seen other places). Amazon requires a bit of digging (and sometimes returning things). But it’s so worth it!

Highlights for me this month were finding the perfect affordable bootie, trying this amazing detox bath (there will be a full, detailed review of it next week). And my friend Lindsay’s new book The Spirit Almanac (it’s amazing, especially if you are into yoga – meditation – self-care, etc… It’s all about rituals throughout the seasons and the best things to do depending on how you are feeling at different times of the year.) Oh and my fabulous glass straws which I simply won’t stop talking about (sorry?) as they are an awesome alternative to paper straws which I hate.

Click the image above to shop, or… pearl bag // lamp // glass straws // tan loafers (they look just like my Guccis!) // detox bath // tan suede boots // open head vase // set of jars // the spirit almanac // drape front coat // velvet chair

And be sure to check out my tips for buying clothes on Amazon!

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  1. Love your picks, especially the loafers! I have a pair like them in black but I need a brown pair! The booties are also super cute! πŸ™‚

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Always love your favourites! So many gorgeous pieces here.

    I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday,

  3. Allie says 10.17.18

    I like be a nice bath, it’s my favorite way to unwind. I’m looking forward to your review of the detox product, it sounds wonderful.

  4. Alexandra says 10.17.18

    You might have just solved my dining chair dilemma! I’ve been searching for a set of dining chairs to compliment a set of more industrial chairs/bench. Having an open floor plan means seeing everything, so the blush set would be perfect. Great price point!

    • grace at the stripe says 10.17.18

      Oh GOOD!!!! I love these. For what it’s worth, I have seen them in a few different places (a dining table and an office to be exact) and think they’re really nice in person.
      I have the same dilemma in my space and have the West Elm ones but these are a much better price!

  5. Andrea says 10.17.18

    That purse is my absolute fave!

  6. Katie says 10.17.18

    Love these posts! Would love themed best of Amazon posts, a furniture post in particular! Good for those of us who are renting and don’t want to yet invest in super duper quality pieces.

  7. Lindsey says 10.19.18

    Love this series! Thank you so much!