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Alright alright, let’s talk beauty! I’ve had this post brewing for some time as I have had SO much to tell you about… but I wanted to put it into this pretty new (shoppable) collage that my designer and I have been working on. As an aside, how are you liking the new collage grids? I love that you can click directly on the image to shop… makes it less confusing, no? We’ve been having some fun putting these layouts together but I’ve had a few challenges learning new tricks in Photoshop!

Anyway… beauty! Today I wanted to tell you about ten products I’ve tried over the past few months and absolutely LOVED. My skin has been really, really dehydrated. I am blaming the move (I’ve been so busy that I am not drinking as much water as usual, and I didn’t have any heat for the first week in the new space which really messed with my skin) and also travel… flying really dries you out.

Given that, exfoliation has been a major priority. On my face I have been using this REN mask/peel every few days. You leave it on for ten minutes and the glycolic acid gently exfoliates away all dead skin, etc. I like that it’s gentle but SUPER effective. It really makes your skin glow from within. On my body I am absolutely  hooked (so is Kelly) on this scrub from Palermo (one of our new fav natural brands). What makes it different from all the other coffee scrubs out there is a) how creamy it is (it’s packed with shea butter which is extra creamy but it also holds the scrub together so it won’t leave coffee grinds all over your shower), and b) the scent – it smells a bit citrusy. Citrus and coffee don’t sound like they go together, but they DO! It’s the perfect way to wake up in the morning.

After all that exfoliation, hydration is a priority. I shot a series of videos this month with Saks and Decorté. Decorté is this incredible line of skincare from Japan – just launching now in the US. I have been lucky enough to get to test the whole line but the essence is the hero product (in my opinion). After washing your face, pat it dry and then gently pat a few pumps of this into your face and neck until your skin is dry. (Apply serum and moisturizer afterward.) After using it every day for a few weeks my skin is noticeably better – plumped up, so soft, and much more even (it has a way of diffusing redness, blotchiness, all of that). I don’t wear foundation very often but I use it even less thanks to this product. And while in Paris, I scooped up a tube of Embryolisse (the iconic French brand) as I had to see what the hype was all about. It did not disappoint. It’s the perfect everyday moisturizer – leaves your skin soft and smooth (and it’s actually a pretty great price at only $28!) For something more substantial (on really dry skin days) I love The Blue Cocoon from May Lindstrom. It’s magical. So soothing, so hydrating… the best of the best. Lastly on the hydration front is this awesome natural lip balm. It’s kind of a gloss-balm hybrid but the important thing is that it cures chapped lips in a pinch. It’s ultra soothing (packed with honey) and very very effective.

So that’s skincare. Two makeup products that I’ve been using the crap out of: Covergirl’s Easy Breezy Brow. This does everything – it darkens my brows, tames them (all day!)… in my opinion, giving me Cara Delevigne brows. The second is a new mascara: Laura Geller Lashboss. Okay I have an aversion to any product with the name “boss” in it. I really do. But this mascara is goooood. It leaves lashes ultra long, ultra thick, with a bit of gloss and curl. And it doesn’t flake off. It’s a really, really good mascara.

Last but not least… hair! It’s really hard to find a good dry shampoo at the drugstore but this one from L’Oreal is absolutely awesome. It immediately adds volume (and a nice clean scent) without any grit. It’s super lightweight and doesn’t leave any residue either. At the other end of the spectrum, for the dry shampoo addicts (hand raised), Phyto’s Detox Shampoo will get your scalp good and clean on those weeks where maybe you stretched your blowout out a little too long. The scent is incredible to boot.

PS – don’t forget to check out this month’s other beauty obsession… Glossier Cloud Paint!

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  1. Marta says 4.13.17

    All the products seem amazing! I’d love to try some of those. And by the way, your posts are showing up on Blogger again, just thought you should know.

  2. M.A says 4.13.17

    Ok Im going to read the post in it’s entirety after I post this comment but I just had to say how much I LOVE this collage format where you give the brief summary and it’s easily shoppable. The entire revamp/tweak to the website is sooo good and easy to navigate, really great reader experience every time I come here!

  3. Emily says 4.13.17

    That Palermo body scrub looks awesome, I have been seeing it popping up – a definite must try! Also, I completely agree the Blue Cocoon saved my skin this past winter.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.13.17

      It’s a really great brand! And YAY – so glad you agree on Blue Cocoon. It is pricy but so fab.

  4. Brittany says 4.13.17

    that ren peel looks so tempting- i need something like that, just to slough off the winter off my skin! i shared some awesome natural beauty finds that i think you will like too this week here:

    xo, brittany
    an ode to pink is on my blog today!

  5. Angela says 4.13.17

    Love your beauty posts! I received a sample of the Embryolisse in a recent Birchbox, but have yet to try it. I’m also super intrigued by the glycolic acid mask…

    • grace at the stripe says 4.13.17

      The peel is amazing. Let me know how you like the Embryolisse – I’m a big fan!

  6. Tracy says 4.13.17

    Love the new layout and so reader friendly!

  7. Breanna Marie says 4.13.17

    I have to get that peel, it sounds amazing! So does the scrub though. I used to exfoliate with coffee grounds and they would get EVERYWHERE in my shower; the fact that this won’t is really appealing!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.13.17

      It’s such a game changer! I have tried so many great coffee scrubs but they make my bathroom look disgusting!

  8. Cy says 4.13.17

    Good to know about the L’Oréal dry shampoo. I find the drugstore ones disappointing. I’ve been buying the Living proof, pricey for what it is, but I do think it’s one of the best. I have both Covergirl and the Maybelline brow “mascara” , I actually bought the Maybelline one by mistake. I prefer the wand and the color of The Covergirl, but the formula of the Maybelline. The Covergirl seems to flake off easily. ( I found out when I got wet one day, don’t get caught in the rain with it! What a mess.) I’ve got the Ren mask on back order, also want to try the Embryolisse, the French really know their skincare. I love the new format Grace, it’s easy and clear. Now I have to justify buying another lip balm ( I’ve been eyeing this one for awhile). I treated myself recently and bought the Dior. I’m a bit of a lipgloss, lip balm addict. Thanks again for another great beauty post!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.13.17

      It’s so good! I hope you try it 🙂 I like it just as much as Living Proof. Thanks for stopping by, Cy! xoxo

  9. Lindsay says 4.13.17

    What are your thoughts on the Cover Girl brow mascara vs Glossier Boy Brow? Also, I’ve been using the REN mask for years….it is amazing! Also love Emryolisse!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.17.17

      They’re different! I think the Cover Girl is great when you need to fill in your brows a bit (it has fibers in it like Benefit Boy Brow) which add a fuller look. Glossier Boy Brow gives a more natural look… just grooming ’em, adding a slight tint, and keeping them in place. I really love Boy Brow, too – did a review of it here:

  10. Kate says 4.13.17

    These all seem great… & largely VERY expensive. Womp.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.17.17

      Hi Kate – There’s a pretty good mix of expensive and inexpensive here… I’m sorry if you were disappointed!