The Best Gifts Under $25.

Because there's a definite art to finding fabulous but inexpensive gifts. I combed the Internet and here are the best ones.

The Stripe

The Best Gifts Under $25 - The Stripe The Best Gifts Under $25 - The Stripe The Best Gifts Under $25 - The Stripe The Best Gifts Under $25. Lip Balms The Best Gifts - The Stripe

you're going to love these!

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  1. The raw coconut cream sounds super versatile. It makes a pretty classy gift too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Kim says 11.20.17

    I recently got the Herbivore Calm and Detox soaking salts during the Credo Beauty friends & family event and they are so good…like a mini spa at home. And those marble mugs are gorgeous!

  3. Cy says 11.20.17

    Such a afun and tasteful list! And the ice cube trays are so fun. The pineapple bottle opener and the ice trays could also stray over to the list for a hostess gifts too

  4. Cy says 11.20.17

    I might have to go get those marble mugs for an early me gift

  5. Cy says 11.20.17

    The corksickle too!

  6. Alex says 11.21.17

    Those lipsticks look so cool! I’m going to try them and give one to my mom for a surprise stocking stuffer – great list, thank you!!!

  7. Alice says 11.21.17

    Those mugs are SO gorgeous, such a cute idea to even split the pack for a group of besties!

  8. Lauren says 11.21.17

    These are such great gift ideas! We play a card game at my family Christmas, the girls play, while the boys watch football, and we bring a $20 gift to exchange for each hand of cards. I got some great ideas off of this, thank you! =D

  9. Jessica Graiser says 12.13.17

    I am LOVING everything on your gift guide!! Thank you for introducing such beautiful products!

  10. Shibani says 11.15.18

    Ugh I have so much conflict about scrunchies – I can’t help but remember that whole episode of Sex and the City about it! LOL That said, love the rest of this list, particularly the socks and water bottle!

    I just published my own gift guide under $25 – mine is for people who like to drink!

  11. Jae says 11.16.18

    What a wonderful gift guide! This was so helpful, Grace! You can get so many great things just under $25.

  12. Cy says 11.16.18

    FYI, Grace, Gilt has a special going on. You but $30 ( or more) and get double the credit on the Wander beauty site! I’m getting a bunch of those eye patches, half price!