Bermuda Crystal Caves.

Bermuda Crystal Caves
top // shorts // bag // sunglasses // sandals


Ooh, a Sunday post! When Lydia and I were planning our trip to Bermuda the one thing we both knew we *had* to do was see the crystal caves. If you know me well, then it’s probably no surprise to you that I had a pretty killer rock collection when I was a kid. So getting to see the crystal caves was a pretty amazing experience for me… possibly my favorite part of the entire trip!

Our tour guide, Terrence, was fantastic. Patient, full of knowledge, and also very funny. The crystal caves were actually discovered back in 1907 by two teenage boys who were playing cricket. They went looking for a ball and found the entrance. They climbed all the way down (130 feet), went for a swim, and climbed back out. Pretty incredible. Another interesting thing to note is that the crystals grow very, very slowly… just one cubic inch per hundred years.

Also… a sizing note on the shorts. They run rather large. I usually wear a size 28 in jeans but size up to a 29 or 30 in shorts… for these, I got a 28 and they were a little loose.

And for more on what to do in Bermuda, take a peek at my Bermuda travel guide!

Outfit Details: J.Crew Factory Popover Top, Shorts, Bucket BagMirrored Sunglasses + Crystal Sandals (c/o)  // Vita Fede Cuff // Eddie Borgo Cuff

Bermuda Crystal Caves 2

Bermuda Crystal Caves 3

Bermuda Crystal Caves 4

Bermuda Crystal Caves 5

Bermuda Crystal Caves 6

Bermuda Crystal Caves 7

Bermuda Crystal Caves 8

Bermuda Crystal Caves 9

Bermuda Crystal Caves 10

Bermuda Crystal Caves 11

Bermuda Crystal Caves 12

Bermuda Crystal Caves 13

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. carrie says 5.8.16

    What a unique place!


  2. Natali says 5.9.16

    Oh wow!! Gotta love the magic of the caves!! Breathtaking photos!

  3. lauren says 5.9.16

    does the top run true to size? can’t decide between a small and a medium…I’m usually a 6 in jcrew tops.

    • graceatwood says 5.9.16

      I would probably go with a medium! I am usually a 6 in J.Crew tops and am wearing a medium here 😉

  4. Amanda S. says 5.9.16


  5. caitlin leary says 5.9.16

    Wow – definitely putting this on my bucket list!

  6. Kara says 5.9.16

    Wow. I want to go. Also, love your sandals!

  7. terri martin says 5.9.16

    Gorgeous photos!

  8. These are amazing! Um, I’m so glad there are other fellow rock collector nerds out there. I’ll never forget my caboodle full of rocks, good times.

    Erin, Attention to Darling

  9. Delaney says 5.9.16

    Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine finding a place like that! It’s so magnificent. I wonder how many years it’s been around for then?

    Definitely putting this on my list if I ever go to Bermuda.

  10. Adrian Lawrence says 1.10.19

    Trying to work out which one is the greatest beauty of nature! Lovely pics and great use of colours, thanks for sharing.