Berlinale 2011 – Inside My Suitcase

Greetings from Berlin!  The boyfriend’s film is premiering here on Valentine’s Day and so we flew in to see it!

(A little plug for the film… Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary about Jiro Ono – the legendary, 86 year old sushi chef, whose sushi is so incredible that the Japanese government has actually declared him a National Treasure.  Case in point:  as an apprentice for Jiro, you must wait 10 years before you even get to touch the fish.)

I am beyond excited- both for the boyfriend and all the success he’s had this year, and for another fun adventure!  (Trust me, my life isn’t usually this exciting.)

Packing for the weekend was a little challenging as neither of us knew what to expect.  We know that the festival is much more dressy than Sundance (showing up in snowboots at a premiere = a definite no!)  But that’s about it… so we’re kind of winging it!

Inside my suitcase is a combination of trusted pieces (dresses, a sequin mini, my favorite jeans, yummie tummie tanks, american apparel t’s, a leather jacket, my DANNIJO Mariela earrings, and my favorite shoes…) and fun jewelry (most of it homemade, of course.)

I’m excited to wear the lace dress (bought this summer,) with all black pieces (tights, leather jacket, high heels,) and I can’t wait to glam it up… will definitely be trying out a red/orange lip (NARS Heat Wave) and a smoky eye (using Benefit’s kit) – not at the same time, but at some point.

I’ll try and blog as much as I can while we’re here…  stay tuned for more updates!

PS – Two celeb sitings so far:  First, Julianne Moore was on our flight from NYC to London.  She was in casual clothes, no makeup and had her hair a messy bun and looked like she was 20 years old (hate her!) and then Ralph Fiennes was on our flight to Berlin.   Loved him in The Constant Gardener and The Reader…

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