The Benefits of Using a Humidifier.

The Benefits of Using a Humidifier

A couple months ago, I invested in a big humidifier for my living room and a smaller one for my bedroom and I am SO glad I did. I originally did it for a guy I’d been dating who complained about the dry air in my apartment, but I’m so glad I did. My humidifier(s) have made such a big difference in terms of how my skin feels, but also my breathing, etc. etc. Given that we are all spending a LOT more time inside, I wanted to talk more about humidifiers today!

And in case you weren’t familiar – a humidifier is basically a nifty little gadget that produces an ultra-fine mist and puts moisture into the air. It’s especially handy during the winter months when the air humidity can drop and the heat can make the air really, really dry. A humidifier can be especially if you have dry skin, if you tend to snore, or if you have a dry cough! The environmental protection agency has a great document about humidifiers which I would encourage you to read!

Benefits Of Using A Humidifier

There are two types of humidifiers: evaporative humidifiers and ultrasonic humidifiers. Evaporative humidifiers transmit moisture into the air invisibly using a fan. Ultrasonic humidifiers are better for smaller spaces as they are more quiet. My bedroom humidifier is SO quiet which I appreciate – I have a hard enough time falling asleep!

You should also think about the temperature. Cool mist is a better choice for homes with children and pets, whereas warm mist humidifiers are a little quieter and can help you feel slightly warmer in the winter. My living room humidifier has a setting for both which I like. Steam humidifiers create stem by heating water with an electrical heating element.

A humidifier can help with so many important things like snoring, dry skin, even bloody noses. It’s actually pretty wild!

Reduces Snoring.

The humidifier helps to soothe the tissues at the back of your throat, thereby helping to reduce snoring at night. Don’t just run it at night; running it all day long (especially while working from home) also helps as it keeps the throat nice and moist.

Keeps hair and skin moist.

This is the biggest one for me as my skin (and hair) runs SO dry. Our body is made from 50-60% water. Dry air helps contribute to dry skin, dry hair, chapped lips, and even dry eyes! Using the humidifier keeps your skin nice and hydrated as that added moisture in the air is absorbed by the skin!

Reduces Allergies.

A humidifier helps to soothe the tissues in your throat and nasal passages… I noticed a big difference when I was having allergies earlier this month. I hadn’t been remembering to fill the humidifier every day (sometimes I slack!) and once I did, I noticed a big improvement!

Humidifier Benefits Beyond Health

I did a little bit more research and there are some really amazing benefits I hadn’t even thought of!

It’s good for your houseplants!

Plants love a humidifier. Of course, it’s important to water them consistently, but by keeping the air levels moist, you’ll keep them much healthier!

Reduces static!

Static electricity is a product of dry air… and it’s super annoying especially with your laundry and HAIR! When the air is dry, static can get BAD. I’ve found that using a humidifier completely zaps static.

Helps wood floors and furniture to last longer.

Something I didn’t quite realize is that dry air can actually damage your furniture and wood floors! If the air is too dry, wood can crack. Because of that, using a humidifier on the reg can regulate moisture levels and keep furniture, floors, and doors looking their best.

Reduced heat bills!

Believe it or not, using a humidifier can actually help you to reduce your heating bill. Since humid air feels warmer, you can turn the thermostat down!

Tips to using a humidifier.

Fill it up every day.

I have made this my morning ritual – as my morning coffee brews, I fill up both of the humidifiers!

Use distilled or demineralized water if possible.

I will be honest: I don’t always do this but if you can, boiling a big pot of water the night before and letting it cool. Then, use that the next day to fill the humidifier.

Don’t let it get TOO humid.

Be sure you don’t let the humidity get higher than 50%. While a humidifier can be great for allergies, a high humidity allows dust mites to thrive which will increase allergy symptoms.

Be sure to properly clean it!!!

With regular use, the humidifier might get a little grimy. It’s important to keep it clean. I rinse the reservoir everytime I fill it and in terms of a deeper I keep an eye on mine but make sure to clean it out at least every month!

The Benefits of Using a Humidifier

Photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog:

    It’s weird because in Hong Kong we use dehumidifiers since it’s so humid! Until recently I didn’t even know humidifiers existed!! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.7.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Oh my gosh that’s so funny!!!!

      4.7.20 Reply
  2. Emily:

    I have a Venta air washer, which is a humidifier/air purifier. It makes such a huge difference in my bedroom. If it’s not on or runs out of water in the middle of the night I immediately notice that my nose, throat, and eyes all feel dry. I swear I sleep so much better with it on. My parent’s house is a log cabin and they have a huge Venta that’s perfect for both the air and wood in the house. Everyone should use a humidifier!!

    4.7.20 Reply
    • Shana:

      We run humidifiers and purifiers with my husbands allergies so I’m going to have to look into this brand – thank you!

      4.7.20 Reply
      • grace at the stripe:

        Hope it helps! I really love both of them!!!

        4.8.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I feel the same way in that I notice such a big difference when mine is not running!

      4.8.20 Reply
  3. Caroline:

    A solid reminder to plug in and refill mine. I’d taken it out for a deep clean and never put it back. Husband’s snoring makes me want to feed him to a tiger and the humidifier really does help. We just had a wooden bed made & delivered recently so I’ll be sure to keep it running on low to keep that healthy.

    4.7.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Yes! It makes such a big difference. Especially with men and snoring!!!!

      4.8.20 Reply
  4. Kathleen:

    I ordered the Homasay a few months ago after seeing it on your blog or insta and I LOVE it! I live in Colorado where humidifiers are a must and this one is so easy to use and refill, plus it looks nice! I do it half for me and half for my plants – and now my furniture too!

    4.13.20 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Oh GOOD!!!! That makes me so happy to hear!!! It’s so good!

      4.13.20 Reply