(Belated) Beauty Edit.


So… this was technically December’s beauty edit but life got in the way in December and I gave myself a little bit of time off and I’m just getting around to sharing my December faves now. Sorry about that! Lots of good products in this month’s edit though… you’re going to want to try them all… especially #1, 10, 11, and 12!

  1. Om Aroma & Co. Manuka Honey Masque is a new favorite of mine. It’s completely natural/non-toxic and perfect for both detoxifying and soothing stressed out skin. I didn’t know this until more recently but Manuka Honey is presently all the rage in the beauty biz as it possesses incredible healing, anti-bacterial and detoxification qualities. So much so that once upon a time, the honey was actually used to clean out soldier’s wounds… thought that was kind of cool! The honey actually adheres to impurities from the skin and draws them out. The actual experience of using the masque is amazing… it has a molasses-like texture to it which feels pretty awesome, and the brand encourages you to place a hot, damp towel over your face which really gets you to relax… this also lets the honey melt right into your skin.
  2. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm has been a favorite of mine for a long time now as it is an excellent quick fix for puffy/tired skin, but it came in extra handy this week as I’ve been working some late nights to get the new site ready. After cleansing and moisturizing, apply a thin layer to your skin. Don’t rub in, and apply makeup immediately after. Boom. Instant de-puff-ication (not a real word, but that’s what it does.) I think it’s rather magical.
  3. Ling Skincare Dual Moisture Emulsion is a newer addition to my evening beauty routine, and something my aesthetician turned me onto during a facial (I highly recommend facials at Ling, by the way – the best) because my skin was so dry. It contains a mixture of hyaluronic acid and squalane oil and adds an extra layer of moisture to your skin between cleansing and applying serum/moisturizer. I use my SK-II serum in the morning and this at night and really like the extra hydration benefits.
  4. Tata Moisturizing Mask. I love a good overnight mask… there’s nothing better than getting some added pampering benefits while you sleep! You know by now that I am probably Tata Harper’s biggest fan. I use all of her products (except the eye cream which is too fragrant for me) and this one is a new obsession. After washing your face and exfoliating, just apply a thin layer… go to sleep and let the mask sink in and work its wonders! You’ll wake up with glowy, hydrated skin. If you don’t want to sleep in it you can also tissue it off.
  5. Nails Inc Polish in Porchester Square. I got a manicure with this over the holiday break and can’t tell you how much I love it. The girls at the salon all raved about it (apparently it’s the brand’s best seller as it looks good on absolutely everyone.) It’s the perfect neutral polish… I need to go back and buy a bottle!
  6. Nails Inc Victoria Beckham Bamboo White Collection. I received this shade from Nails Inc in a PR mailing and really love it. It’s the loveliest light pink/almost white shade. I liked that it was fully opaque after two coats and did not chip for five days (I don’t know about you but that’s a big deal for me with regular polish… if I do my nails myself it usually only lasts two or three days!)
  7. Om Aroma & Co. Carrot Rose Serum. I was eager to try this serum as (besides being 100% all natural and non-toxic) I’d heard great things about rose + carrot oils and rosacea (I have a pesky red patch on my right cheek.) I’ve been using it as my daily serum and love it. It glides on like a face oil and the rose aroma smells incredible! While my red patch is there, with daily use it is improving. Other added benefits come from Carrot Seed Oil which helps to soften skin and even clear up acne. All benefits aside, it leaves my skin silky + glowing.
  8. Tula Purifying Face Cleanser. I really like this cleanser, and have been using it in the morning. I really like that it deep cleanses and purifies it but is still gentle (it’s great for dry skin.) I don’t have a lot to say about it but it’s a great no frills cleanser (and the texture is cool – it’s a thick gel that foams up without drying your skin.)
  9. Dolce Gabbana Limited Edition Lipstick. If you are looking for the perfect dramatic red lip, this is it. It’s highly pigmented (and shiny) with a texture that is somewhere in between a lipstick and a gloss. So pretty on. For a less dramatic look, I like applying with my finger and blotting.
  10. Bite Beauty Mask in Smashed. I’m a massive fan of Bite Beauty’s lip mask (it’s thick and goopy and a winter savior)  but up until now they only sold it in clear + champagne. Smashed is a sheer red tint, and resembles a red wine stain on your lips. So you can get all the hydrating benefits of the mask, with a pretty tint.  Highly, highly recommend this one!
  11. Benefit Puff Off! And this one is another magic depuffer – for the eyes. I’m hooked on this! The metal “ironing” tip cools upon touch and the gel works wonders on undereye bags. Skin immediately looks + feels smoother. For added benefits you can stick it in the fridge, but honestly you don’t even need to… it’s magical even at room temperature.
  12. Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm. I’ve been really into cleansing balms lately. After a cold winter day, nothing feels better than slowly massaging a warming balm into your skin, letting it soak in and dissolve your makeup, and then removing taking it off with a hot muslin cloth (included with the balm.) This one is a really good one. It leaves skin hydrated and radiant. Especially good for taking off waterproof/long wearing makeup!

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  1. great product!!

    1.9.15 Reply
  2. I love Tata Harper and switched to her skincare line since the double cleansing method worked wonders for me.
    I love the eye cream and the scent vanishes pretty quickly – maybe give it a try?! It´s the best one I tried so far.

    Haven´t tried the moisturizing mask yet but the Resurfacing Mask is ah-mazing!!


    1.9.15 Reply
  3. I swear by my D&G Red Lipstick! I wear “Scarlett”…it’s the perfect shade of bold red!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    1.9.15 Reply
  4. jillian:

    ohh i want to try that mask! xo jillian

    1.9.15 Reply
  5. I’ve been really into lipsticks lately so it’s nice to hear about D&G’s glossy texture – thanks!!

    Warm Regards,

    1.9.15 Reply
  6. Amelia Vesper:

    I want to try so many of these! I especially love Bite and have been eyeing that lip mask for awhile…and the honey masque sounds fantastic too!


    1.9.15 Reply
  7. Alison:

    Omg I am OBSESSED with Om Aroma & Co… I use basically their entire line for face. It healed my breakouts plus made my skin legit glowing.

    1.14.15 Reply