Being Blonde.

Parker Ziyan Dress 2

Since going blonde with Nexxus, there has been one universal truth. I wear a LOT of black. Back when I interviewed Molly, she had mentioned that she wore a lot of black as a blonde. I nodded in agreement because duh – black looks good on everyone. But since going blonde(r), black suddenly feels interesting and exciting – it really stands out against my lighter hair. I have a brand new relationship with black and feel like it stands out more vs. blending in.

The only drawback so far that I’ve noticed, is that I need lipstick or I’ll look washed out. There have been a few outfits that we’ve shot where I look back and just wish I’d been wearing lipstick. For lips, my go to is a good red or coral {I love NARS Heat WAVE, NARS Red Square, and Sisley Tangerine}

But anyway, this is definitely my favorite hair color in a long time and I plan to stick with it. It’s been over a month without a touch-up. My roots are starting to show but the color that Aura painted on is still in perfect shape. I still use the Color Assure pre-wash primer religiously {even if I get a blowout, I’ll apply it before I go to the salon and throw my hair up in a bun.}





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Photos 1, 3, 4, and 5 by Lydia Hudgens, photo 2 by Bekka Palmer.

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  1. You look gorgeous as a blonde and seriously were blessed with the most amazing head of hair! I know what you mean about the “washed out” issue – I had that too when I was platinum for years…blush & lipstick definitely necessary (or a great tan)! 🙂

    4.30.14 Reply
  2. As a fellow blond, I agree that lipstick is a must. I, like you are very fair and have platinum hair so I look super washed out with out some colour.
    xo Emma

    4.30.14 Reply
  3. Love these looks! So pretty!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

    4.30.14 Reply
  4. I love your new blond shade, it looks fabulous! And also I am so impressed, that is a big change and very brave. I have always had light brunette hair and considered time and again to go lighter but never had the guts to go for props for you for going for it and the outcome is great!

    4.30.14 Reply
  5. yes, I looove how blondes look with black but it’s true. wearing lip color goes a loooong way!
    Xo, Belen
    Androbel Insider

    4.30.14 Reply
  6. Loving you as a blonde! Such a good look and it does make using bright lipsticks a bit more fun.

    4.30.14 Reply
  7. In the summer my naturally light brown hair gets blonder and I find myself wearing bolder colors. Is that weird? haha but you’re right- black looks good on everyone!

    4.30.14 Reply
  8. I feel the same way! My hair is my favorite when it’s blonde and I often feel drawn to black, and sometimes to gold, with red lipstick. It feels like a classic look, and it’s typically my go-to. Mornings are not my time to shine, so it’s nice having a few key black pieces to throw on. And when my hair is in a messy up do, wearing red lipstick makes me feel more pulled together.
    xx- Lynn-Holly from

    4.30.14 Reply
  9. The colour really suits you….it’s a really great shade.

    4.30.14 Reply
  10. andiperullo:

    I LOVE blonde on you! And yes, I wear black pretty much every day as a blonde haha!!!

    4.30.14 Reply
  11. i love your blonde hair! you wear it very well 🙂 xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    4.30.14 Reply
  12. You so pretty, Friend. XO (AND I WANT THAT GREEN HAT!)

    4.30.14 Reply
  13. I’ve been blonde my whole life and actually rarely wear black haha. It does really pop on you, though, maybe I need to do it more often!!! You make a great blonde 🙂

    Blonde in this City

    5.5.14 Reply