Obsession: Beautycounter Lip Sheers.


What gets me most excited about blogging now is the same thing that got me excited about it five years ago. Discovering cool stuff that I am completely obsessed with, and having a forum to share it in. The products that I would (and do) gush to all of my girlfriends about, and then get all of my coworkers obsessing over, too. Running a blog is different now – but the core mission, the love of a good “Stripe Find” is still the same.

Today’s post is a massive obsession of mine. A month or two ago I finally tried some things from Beautycounter, and I really liked everything I tried. But I was absolutely infatuated with their lip sheers. They deliver the perfect wash of sheer color, are so creamy + hydrating, but give you that “Oh makeup? What makeup? I’m just naturally, like, really pretty” sort of look. Undone and gorgeous. Rose became my instant everyday favorite, but I can see coral taking its place once I’ve got a tan. Scarlet is perfect when you want red lips (but not done red lips), and Plum is a great berry… as if you’d just bitten your lips. I actually lost the Rose one (and nearly cried), but the brand kindly sent me a new one.

It doesn’t hurt that the products are completely safe (read more about Beautycounter’s ingredients here… it’s really interesting!) and that the lip sheers come in an extra luxe, heavyweight beautiful gold (striped!) tube. I’ll always love my opaque lipsticks… but for everyday wear, these are where it’s at. Completely, utterly obsessed.



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  1. These lip shades are beautiful; however, I was completely sold just because of the gold-striped tubes (such glamorous packaging).

    Happy Wednesday 🙂

  2. Lisa says 4.1.15

    I’m not a huge lip stick fan, but I love sheers/tints/stains! Have you ever thought about modeling some of your favorite colors? I would love to see what they look like on! 🙂

  3. rebecca says 4.1.15

    The packaging and colours are gorgeous ❤

  4. Francesca says 4.1.15

    They are my new OBSESSION. Ordered a few things from Beautycounter a while back after reading about them on The Stripe & they are a game changer. Scarlet is my fave (subtlety is not my strong suit), but Rose is a close, close second. Have you tested out the lip conditioner??

  5. Michele says 4.1.15

    I love the sound of these and am eager to try…the packaging is an added bonus. Been trying so hard to follow ewg ratings with most of my make up lately. Still trying to find a new concealer (under eyes)…any suggestions? Off to buy before bed!

    • graceatwood says 4.1.15

      yes! Try RMS concealer — love it!!!

    • Laurie says 4.6.15

      Beautycounter has a great concealer too! 😉

  6. Katie says 4.1.15

    beautiful. cannot wait to try!

  7. Alexandra says 4.2.15

    Fabulous packaging on these!

    Warm Regards,

  8. Angela Barnes says 4.2.15

    I am so glad to see that my all time favorite fashion blogger loves Beautycounter as much as I do. Thanks for spreading the word about this amazing company!!

    • graceatwood says 4.2.15

      aw, that’s so nice! yes, i’m obsessed!!!

  9. Mika says 4.2.15

    Not only the lip sticks are wonderful but the whole skin care and colour cosmetic line is outstanding.
    Worth a try !

  10. Jodie says 4.2.15

    Obsessed? Yes! These Lip Sheers are all what you’ve said, PLUS they’re tested for heavy metals. (No lead, mercury, cadmium)

  11. Liz says 4.6.15

    Gorgeous!!!! Can’t wait to try all the colors!!

  12. LeahF says 10.16.16

    Check out Beautycounter’s new holiday sets, great gifts at great prices but also a way to try products you’ve heard so much about at a great price. Look for the lip glosses. They are fab!