Beautycounter Countertime Review!

beautycounter product review as seen here with two of their products that are pink

When Beautycounter launched their new anti-aging line, so many of you reached out to me asking if I had tried it that I decided to do a (completely NOT SPONSORED) review of the anti aging rejuvenating line for myself. As you know, full transparency, I am a long time fan of Beautycounter. I am not a rep and I buy the products directly off their site (not through a rep) and have also done two sponsored posts with them.

While I do not typically support MLM’s, I make an exception for Beautycounter. As a company, they are doing great things. They’re a certified B corporation, and I love that they are working to improve legislation in the beauty industry… right now, there are so few regulations which is quite scary. You can read more about their certifications and the work they’re doing here. I love their commitment to creating high performing products that also happen to be safer products. All of the Beautycounter products I’ve tried are really high quality. Besides skin care and cosmetics, they also make fantastic personal care products. (The citrus mimosa body wash is an absolute FAV. The fragrance is incredible and it comes from essential oils as opposed to synthetic fragrance.)

Beautycounter Countertime Review

I used the full Countertime regime of products for over a month as my full skincare routine. The full range; morning and night. The only time I didn’t use them was while I was home on Cape Cod (didn’t want to lug all of those glass bottles with me!)

Before I get into each of the products, I want to say that I love that this is a full regime. I get a lot of messages from readers looking for a full routine. It’s hard for me to recommend exact product recommendations without knowing you and your skin types personally. It’s also hard to tell if different products will work together. This takes the guesswork out.

Beautycounter Countertime Products

The collection consists of six products. A cleansing oil, an essence, a serum, an eye cream, a night cream, and a day cream. All of the products contain the brand’s plant derived retinatural complex, which is a combination of Bakuchiol (a plant based retinol alternative that we discussed in this blog post) and Swiss Alpine Rose which boosts the skin’s antioxidant defense. I’ve reviewed the full Countertime line, my thoughts on each product are below!

Countertime Lipid Defense Oil

I really like the Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil. It’s a really hydrating, soothing face wash which makes it great for sensitive skin types too. Cleansing oils are great for dry, mature or aging skin as they work at improving skin hydration as they cleanse. This one is silky and glides on very smoothly. Plus, it is lightweight and takes off all of your makeup. A lot of cleansing balms and oils won’t fully remove makeup but this one will. It’s packed with vitamin E and it’s SUPER hydrating. That being said, cleanser is cleanser. I’m not one for fancy cleansers as they’re not on your skin for very long. This one is $49. I thought it was interesting that it’s $30 less than the brand’s original cleansing balm (which I also love but is pretty pricy at $72). It’s not the most expensive cleanser I’ve tried, but it’s not cheap either. (Although the bottle is HUGE – 5 weeks of testing and I’m not even 25% of the way through with it.) My personal all time favorite cleanser is Farmacy’s Green Clean, which is less expensive at $34.

Countertime Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence

I love an essence and this one is a new favorite. We have talked a lot about the correct order to apply your skincare products. The general rule is to apply them from thinnest to thickest and essence is your first step after cleansing. Essences are typically very lightweight, almost watery… like toner but more effective. I look at toner as a final step in the cleansing process, whereas essence begins your anti-aging/hydration routine. At $59, it’s much more affordable than any of the essences I usually use and it’s a safer alternative. This is milky and really boosts hydration. Pour a few drops into your hand and pat it into your skin until your skin is dry to the touch before serum and moisturizer. In addition to the Retinatural complex it also features fermented sugars which help soothe skin and optimize hydration.

Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum

If you buy one product from the range, it should be this one. I LOVE this serum and am more than halfway through the bottle. In the short term, skin is definitely brighter and more radiant but long term, I definitely saw a noticeable difference in firmness and the look of fine lines. It’s packed with peptides, amino acids, and the Retinatural Complex that I mentioned above which is amazing for improving skin tone and texture and can also increase skin elasticity.

Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream

This is the night cream! It’s SUPER hydrating and rich. When I use the hydrating essence, serum, + this, I can tell an immediate difference the next day – my skin looks less tired and is smoother and more even. In a study done by the brand, 91% of women said they woke up to glowing skin and 90% reported that skin looked and felt firmer. I definitely agree with these statements. Besides the retinatural complex and fermented sugars, this contains Tetrapeptide which helps to increase elasticity and minimize the appearance of fine lines while smoothing and boosting firmness. THis is a great night cream, and it’s under $100 which is hard to find for a high end, luxury night cream.

Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream

This is the Countertime day cream. I really like it. It sinks in immediately and you definitely notice an instantly plumped up, firmer look. It’s also hydrating but not at all greasy which was a godsend during the summer. It features the retinatural complex + fermented sugars (like the essence) and also nasturtium flower extract which helps further defend skin against environmental stressors.

Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream

I will just say that sadly this one is not for me! However, I do have very sensitive eyes so this may not be the case for everyone but it was really irritating to my eyes. I used it before bed and had irritation every time. Again, my eyes are sensitive so you may have a different experience. My favorite eye cream for day is the banana bright one, and for night I love this one from Tatcha.

beautycounter product review as seen here with a bottle

Beautycounter Countertime Collection Results

This collection works. I think it’s a fantastic skincare routine for anyone with really dry skin, or someone who is starting to see the signs of aging (me on both counts!) and wants to increase skin cell turnover without using retinol. And as I mentioned above, it’s great for sensitive skin types, too.

It’s expensive though. Not as expensive as Dr. Bader and some of the other fancy potions I’m inclined to, but not cheap. If you can afford it and are looking for a great routine that you know will work and get results, I recommend would definitely recommend the Countertime regime. And I like knowing that all the products are meant to work together.

My take on the collection // what to buy!

Like I said above, I really like that this is a full regime. The products work together. My skin was hydrated and soft, my skin tone was more even, and fine lines are definitely less noticeable. The standout product of the Countertime line for me is the serum. I also really love the countertime lipid defense cleansing oil. I have nothing bad to say about the collection as a whole (except the eye cream but I do think that could just be me) and think it’s great.

For someone who can afford the whole routine, I say that you should absolutely go for it and splurge on the whole Countertime line. You can order the entire collection for $382 (a $424 value), or (my personal recommendation) go for the regimen set which excludes the eye cream for $267 – a $297 value/

If you are on more of a budget but still looking to upgrade your routine I’d get the essence and the serum (and maybe the night cream) and then use a less expensive cleanser and moisturizer. That’s my take!

Beautycounter Countertime Sample Set

I have gotten some questions about sample sets for this line. It seems like they may have been made available at the launch and are no longer available. If you know, let me know, so that I can update the post. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible to order a sample set at this point in time.

beautycounter pink bottle products

photography by Carter Fish

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  1. Would love to try out Beautycounter’s products – I swear it’s because everyone keeps talking about them! So annoying how I can’t get them in Hong Kong, ugh!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    8.28.19 Reply
  2. Marisa:

    Hi Grace — I can’t tell: is this packaged in plastic or is the pink bottle made of glass? I’m trying to cut down on my plastic usage.

    8.28.19 Reply
    • Michaela:

      Marisa, the bottles are glass! I think that’s true for the full line (I’ve seen them all in the NYC store). I’m using the Countertime cleanser and love it! And I think it’s working out to be less expensive over time, as a little goes a long way and the bottle is huge (150ML).

      8.28.19 Reply
    • YES! Glass <3

      8.28.19 Reply
  3. cy:

    I do like their products. A friend gifted me the cream cleanser ( $29) and I really liked it. Good for dry, mature, aging skin. I Love the farmacy cleanser and the sheet masks are great too! Like you Grace, I spend my $$ on serums and creams. I am currently enjoying the Farmacy Honeyglow serum and The Herbivore CBD facial oil. Maybe I’ll try these when they run out. Always love your product reviews. Thank for all your hard work!

    8.28.19 Reply
    • Thanks so much Cy!!! Yes Honeymoon Glow – I’m going to need to order a second bottle soon.

      8.28.19 Reply
  4. Courtney:

    thanks so much for the thorough review! I have a friend who is a BC consultant, so she sent me samples of the whole line. I thought it worked really well together and loved how soft and hydrated my skin felt. I totally agree with you though that while I loved the cleanser, it just did not seem worth the price. I am curious which serum you prefer- the Herbivore Bakuchiol or this Beautycounter one?!?

    8.28.19 Reply
    • I would pick the Bakuchiol over this if I had to pick but I see this as a daily serum (I used it 2x a day every day) whereas Herbivore I used only at night, 2x a week!

      8.28.19 Reply
      • Courtney:

        fair enough, thanks!

        8.28.19 Reply
      • Maegan Evans Whitehurst:

        Did you or do
        You see better results with herbivore one or bc? I’m a combo skin so would you suggest one over the other?

        9.23.19 Reply
  5. Debbie Higgs:

    I would love to know what you guys at The Stripe think of Glossier products/skincare.
    I have very sensitive/dry/aging skin and have tried everything but not Beauty Counter.
    So far Glossier products have been soothing and hydrating. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    8.28.19 Reply
    • Hi Debbie!
      I like Glossier but am not a big fan of their skincare; I don’t find it to be very effective or potent so prefer something more high tech! Hope that helps! You can also search “Glossier” in the search bar on my site; I have done several reviews.

      8.28.19 Reply
  6. Grace Beck:

    Thanks for the review! I have been waiting for a non consultant review of the products.

    8.28.19 Reply
    • Oh good, I’m so glad. I hope it was helpful – EVERYONE was asking, don’t remember the last time I had so much demand for a review!!!

      8.28.19 Reply
  7. Lisa Autumn:

    The packaging is so cute

    x Lisa |

    8.28.19 Reply
  8. Katie:

    Hi Grace! How would you compare the COUNTERTIME TRIPEPTIDE RADIANCE SERUM with the HERBIVORE Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Smoothing Serum you previously reviewed and loved? I’m trying to decide between the two and the price difference is not insignificant. Thanks!

    8.28.19 Reply
    • hi! If I have to choose I personally prefer the Bakuchiol, but I see the products quite differently. This serum, I would use twice a day… it’s gentler and makes for a great daily serum. The Herbivore I only use two, maybe three times a week!

      8.28.19 Reply
  9. Elizabeth:

    Great post and I concur! I have signed on as a consultant but not actively growing a business with it – more a believer and educator. My one issue with the new set is just that I travel and the large glass containers are both heavy and not travel size approved – so need to supplement with an alternative when I travel.

    8.28.19 Reply
  10. Erin S:

    I just turned 39 and I really love this line! I haven’t tried everything, but the serum, eye cream (which didn’t irritate my eyes, fwiw), and night cream are AMAZING! Adding the essence to my list. I alternate the serum with the Overnight resurfacing peel which is also a game changing product. I feel like it’s a great “beginning to see signs of aging” line but I might amp up my regime in a few years. 🙂 Thanks for doing this review, Grace!

    8.28.19 Reply
    • Oh good I’m glad it didn’t irritate your eyes! It was so bad on mine. And I LOVE their overnight resurfacing peel; it makes such a big difference.

      8.28.19 Reply
  11. Yas! Needed this review.

    8.28.19 Reply
  12. Sally:

    Hi Grace!
    Like you, I LOVE the overnight resurfacing peel. I’m interested in the serums and creams in this new line. Did the serum replace the peel for you, or did you continue to use it while testing out Countertime?
    Thanks again for this review, super helpful. xo

    8.28.19 Reply
    • I didn’t use the peel while testing this but you totally could. The serum is more of a daily product (I used it 2x a day) whereas the peel is a special treatment!

      8.29.19 Reply
  13. Marie:

    This is SO helpful and I appreciate the review very much. I feel the exact same way about cleansers. I prefer to spend my money on serums and creams. Thank you for this!

    8.29.19 Reply
  14. Hello! The Countertime samples just came out. I’m one of the Managers who sell for Beautycounter. I haven’t seen where people can buy sample sets directly but getting in touch with a consultant, they could provide sample packs for people. If people do want to shop through someone, I am happy to send out samples and work with those people as well. I just ordered 24 packs; each pack includes the cleansing oil, essence, tripetide sreum and supreme night cream.

    8.29.19 Reply
  15. Alysia Richardson:

    Thanks for sharing Grace! I recently bought the first two items you’ve mentioned here in addition to re-stocking on BCs vitamin c face oil and their overnight resurfacing peel. I haven’t tried the new stuff yet as I’m working through finishing my other existing products but I LOVE the latter two. They have made such a difference in my complexion and I love what the company stands for.

    I love this line and enjoyed hearing about your personal experience with the products. I’m inclined to try the serum you’ve mentioned here in my next order!

    Thank you for sharing!

    8.30.19 Reply
    • Thanks for the comment! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the other products – the resurfacing peel is one of my all time favs!

      8.30.19 Reply
  16. Jennifer:

    Thank you for this. There are soo many products in the world nowadays and I saw this line get a lot of press. I’ve read/watched a few reviews, but it’s great to hear it from you. You’re a straight shooter and I appreciate that so much!! Thank you!

    9.2.19 Reply
  17. Mary-Audrey Atteberry:

    Love this honest review! BTW…All of their eye creams have caused major eye irritation for me. I love beautycounter, but was a bit disappointed when I wrote an honest product review in their site and they didn’t post it… that isn’t very transparent and kind of left a bad taste in my mouth…

    10.3.19 Reply
    • Aw that’s a bummer! And strange, as there are negative reviews up on the site – weird yours didn’t make it through!!

      10.4.19 Reply
  18. Abbie:

    Hey Grace! Do you think the essence and serum would be too hydrating/greasy if used on someone with normal skin? A lot of reviews I have read mention drying/aging skin, including yours… I am 31, have fairly balanced skin- if anything slightly oily, and wanted to try something new as a part of my early combat against the signs of aging. What do you think?

    10.3.19 Reply
    • I think you should be fine! The biggest thing is the moisturizer; use the soft cream and not the night cream, which is VERY rich!

      10.4.19 Reply
  19. Barbara E:

    Would like to know in what country “Countertime” beauty pruducts are made,,,,,,,,

    1.17.20 Reply
  20. Jasmine:

    Thank you for your review! I was wondering whether you continued to use other retinol products while using the countertime line and how you spaced out retinol, AHA/BHA peel, and the tripeptide serum throughout the week while using this line? Thank you!

    3.19.20 Reply
    • Hey! When I tested this line I wanted to see how it worked without any of my other products; so I only used these products. But you could totally use retinol and the peel in between!

      3.20.20 Reply
      • Jasmine:

        Thank you so much! That sounds great. If you were to have included retinol/tretinoin and the BC peel to the countertime regimen, how would you have layered or alternated? Thank you!

        3.21.20 Reply
        • alternate! Actives should never be layered, unless your derm tells you to! Read my post on product order. 🙂

          3.21.20 Reply
          • Jasmine:

            Great I really enjoyed that post! I think my question was more does the serum or countertime regimen in general count as “actives” or can those be used alongside the peel and tretinoin? I’ve heard both possibilities (especially serum being used with peels or tretinoin). Or how would you modify that prior post if you had also had the countertime regimen on board ? Thank you again!

          • Honestly I don’t know. I would not. I would count the serum as an active but you should really talk to your derm; I don’t know your skin and don’t recommend doing more than one active at a time. I am of the less is more mindset; I wouldn’t do serum with retinol or a peel overall. But again I’m not a doctor, derm, etc… just someone who really likes skincare and tries it out for a blog! You are stressing me out a little! 🙂

  21. L Carleton:

    Hi there! I love to read Beautycounter reviews and yours was great and so honest! The mini-sample set is available again!

    12.16.20 Reply