Beauty Week: My Makeup Routine

Writing this post was really what made me want to do a beauty week.  I looove talking about beauty products… especially makeup!  Yesterday I shared my skin and hair routines…  today we move on to makeup.  I’ve been a makeup junkie forever.  It’s gluttonous, really… an addiction that I cannot (nor do I want to) kick.  I probably have over 50 different lipsticks and glosses, but of course – I need them all.  It’s bad… real bad.  I go in and out of different phases.  For a while, I was all about playing up my eyes.  Lately, I’ve been doing just a little bit of liner, a lot of mascara, and a fun lip.  There are just too many great shades out there right now not to play around!

So, here is my everyday routine.. my favorite go-to’s that I use every day.



When it comes to tinted moisturizers, NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer is exceptionally good.  (I was hooked on Jouer’s Luminous Moisturizing Tint until I tried this, and still love it, but the NARS is my new favorite.)

To conceal, I use Maybelline’s roller ball for everyday minor dark circles + redness… and MiracleSkin concealer when I need serious help.  (I should note that my skin has been a lot better since I started using the Somme products.)


I got this Neutrogena eyeliner in  some random gift bag.  I have a million eyeliners but this one is (oddly enough,) my absolute favorite and I keep buying it.  It’s super pigmented and goes on smoothly.  For eyes, I also love MAC Greasepaint Sticks… (sold out but available on Amazon,) and my all time favorite mascara… Benefit, They’re Real.  Stila Kitten is another one of those products I’ve used for over 10 years.  This one is light and shimmery, lasts all day, and gives you that extra bit of polish without being over the top.


I’ve been using Benefit Hoola for about eight years, since it first came out!  Seriously LOVE.  I test other bronzers but always come back to this one.  For blush, I use Benefit Bella Bamba.  It’s seriously good.  Both of these products look like they’d be scary dark, but are actually quite perfectly pigmented.  Also, it should be said that both products last forever.  I’ve been using my Bella Bamba for a good year and haven’t made a dent… and I typically buy a new Hoola every year and a half.  Seriously… and I use them every day!

Something new to my routine is translucent loose powder.  I love this one from Sunday Riley.  It leaves me looking much more finished, and helps the bronzer, blush, and concealer last a bit longer.  I love this one because it never looks caked on – it just finishes things off.  I take the tiniest amount and apply with a big fluffy brush… after all the other stuff.

Lips needed their own mini-section…. and we’ll address those now, right after the break! (more…)

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  1. Alex says 3.21.12

    thanks for encouraging me to go buy a bunch of new stuff! I’m especially tempted by Bella Bamba, Stila eyeshadow and Heat Wave (since I’ve heard so much about it)

  2. meghan says 3.21.12

    I’m glad to hear your review on the Benefit Hoola and Bella Bamba. I’ve always wanted to buy them, and I’ve always heard good things, but I’m never sure how they’ll look on my fair skin tones because of the dark colors. I think I’m going to have to try them, because I’ve been using Bobbi Brown bronzer for years, and it’s time for a change! Do you use self-tanner ever? I would love a review on things you’ve used and successes and failures with application. I’m in need of some color for spring.

  3. p-l-a-i-d says 3.21.12

    This is a great post! I am thinking about trying Birchbox so I can try a bunch of different things and add a few new ones to my routine!

    • graceatwood says 3.21.12

      Yay!! You won’t want to miss tomorrow’s post then – needless to say, I’m hooked on Birchbox, too!

  4. I’ve used Stila’s Kitten eyeshadow for at least a decade too! It truly is the perfect neutral eye color. I’m really tempted to run to a Benefit makeup counter now after reading your post!

  5. Rebecca Duvall says 3.21.12

    I love Hoola by benefit! Use it all the time.

  6. Viviana Carmona says 3.21.12

    You and I were destined to be friends. My makeup obsession runs as deep as yours!!! I just bought 3 Ilia lipsticks (and a lip conditioner) and can’t wait to get them!!!

  7. i used to use benefit kitten too! i should buy a new pot, mine ran out last year.

    i also use benefit bronzer – i like hoola but dallas is my favorite, bc it’s brown and rosy so i dont necessarily need blush.

    great picks! that fuchsia lipstick is gorgeous!

  8. Alyson -- TAGG says 3.21.12

    Must try that Maybelline roller ball; always on the hunt for a good concealer! My latest find is Anastasia for my brows. PS: I tried Heat Wave a few months ago… wow, intense on my coloring! Enjoying a new Revlon shade for when I want to go bold (or even the Baby Lips in pink for a lighter hue). 

  9. Liz {Sequins & Stripes} says 3.21.12

    I think I need to invest in a few of these Benefit products, and some translucent powder! 

  10. PennyPincherFashion says 3.21.12

    We’re on the same wavelength – my post tomorrow is all about how I do my eye makeup for everyday! 🙂  Love hearing about new products & will definitely look up that Miracle concealer – my undereyes need all the help they can get!!

  11. Erin @ says 3.21.12

    Thanks some much for sharing this, grace! I’m always working on getting a good routine, and great recommendations like these help!

  12. Christina @ Hair Romance says 3.21.12

    Snap on so many prods here! Love benefit & NARS. Heat wave is my fave too.

  13. Bettina says 3.21.12

    I’m glad you included the Nars tinted moisturizer on here, I’ve been wondering about it. Have you ever tried the Laura Mercier? If you have which do you like better? I use the Laura Mercier and like it, but of course I want to try something new just for the heck of it!

  14. Courtney Pearce says 3.21.12

    love!! thanks for the link to the MAC liner too!

  15. Lisa @ Elembee, Etc says 3.22.12

    So glad you posted some lip picks! I’ve been feeling the simple eye and fun lip lately. Will have to check them out!

    I’m a big fan of Tarte’s liquid liner right now — I’m a total liquid liner addict! I think I’ve used liquid almost exclusively for 5 years now.

  16. Kristin & Megan says 3.22.12

    Does that rollerball really work? I have permanent being a mama induced under eye circles. Ugh!

  17. Jessica says 3.22.12

    beautiful products, i have been using the same products basically since i started wearing makeup, so i really like learning about new items!