Beauty Week: Favorite Hair Products

I have a love / (mostly) hate relationship with my hair.  On the positive side, it’s thick and wavy.  People would kill for that (or so I am told.)  If I blow it out straight, I can get a full week out of it without washing it.  And, the negatives.  Thick means it takes forever to dry (blow outs take a solid hour,) and wavy means it has a major proclivity towards frizz.  It gets ratty, and massively tangled.  The ends are a nightmare.  And oh could I show you horror stories from when I was a kid… it wasn’t pretty.  Took years for me to learn how to tame it.

Today, at thirty, I’ve gotten it under control – mostly.  I keep it long, to weigh it down.  My stylist cuts in long loose layers to add a bit of interest without adding bulk… I only wash it every couple days, and I do a lot of low braids and sock buns when it gets humid out.  I’ve got it down to a science.

And these are the products I rely on.  Rely being an understatement.  The second that any one of them are even close to being empty, I experience anxiety.  I buy multiples to avoid this from happening.

Byron Williams Anti-Fade Shampoo and Anti-Fade Conditioner  Byron Williams was a new discovery.  Full disclosure – a good friend of mine does his PR, and she gave me some samples to try.  I was intrigued because his whole line was free of parabens and sulfates – and organic.  I immediately fell in love with the line because it is incredibly hydrating, leaves my hair silky smooth and tangle free, and smells amazing (it has this yummy tropical / pineapple / sort of smell… I love.)  I have no fewer than four shampoos in my shower right now (one of them costing over $50,) and this is my absolute, hands down favorite.

Moroccan Oil  I know I’m not telling you anything new, but this stuff is good.  A quarter size amount after my shower, and no frizz for the rest of the day.  Also, it makes my hair dry faster.

Finesse Mousse  This mousse is the best – hands down.  I have been using it since high school and buy it in bulk.  I secretly fear that Finesse is going to go out of business because it keeps getting harder and harder to find… but it never does… probably because it is so amazing and weirdos like me keep buying three bottles at a time.

Blow Hair Spray  What can I say?  I’m a total girl – I love the pink can, and I love how this smells.  It also happens to be non-sticky, and won’t weigh your hair down.  So if you want to get the most mileage out of your hair style, use this… no grease, no build up, just really great hold!

Those are my powerhouse 5.  Tell me about your hair.  What do you love about it… and what do you hate?  And what products do you rely upon!?

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  1. Natasha Fatah says 3.20.12

    If you have any sort of wavy or curly hair, I’m telling you John Frieda Frizz-Ease hair serum makes a huge difference.

    • Grace - Stripes & Sequins says 3.20.12

      thanks Natasha!  I have tried it but I like the Moroccan Oil much better!  You should be sure to try it if you haven’t, yet! xx

      • Shay - My Confidence and Me says 3.20.12

        same.  the Frizz-Ease line literally did nothing for my hair (damn you,
        hair!).  Perhaps I will have to splurge on some Morroccan Oil…I hear
        such good things about it 🙂

  2. christin says 3.20.12

    i’ve been looking for a good organic shampoo and conditioner so i’m so glad you posted this! i love B&B’s leave in conditioner when i let my mane go. 

    • Grace - Stripes & Sequins says 3.20.12

      You have to try the Byron Williams!! It is soooo good – and so creamy + nourishing.

  3. Viviana Carmona says 3.20.12

    Thanks for introducing me to this shampoo and conditioner! I’m obsessed with hair and beauty products so I will definitely try these out.

  4. Ashley says 3.20.12

    We must have the same hair– mine is extremely thick and wavy as well! (Blowouts take 1hr for me too) Love Moroccan oil, but I’m always searching for a fantastic shampoo and conditioner. I might have to try out those Byron Williams’ products!

  5. Karina Cifuentes says 3.20.12

    I’m a product junkie. No doubt. I love trying new products…very rarely do I stick with one after I’ve used it up, especially when it comes to shampoo + conditioner…will have to try this recommendation!

  6. Danielledee1123 says 3.20.12

    Grace these are great love Moroccan oil & Blow spray must try the other 3!! Some of my favs for my super curly not so thick hair are Kronos Liquid theory conditionsing spray for protection & detangling, Kerstase Oleo relax to tame frizz and add shine, sometimes Ouidad humidity gel for extra hold and extra frizz control, Bumble & Bumble mending complex is another great leave in. Oribe makes too many amazing products like royal blowout, dry texturizing spray and love all the conditioners but the bottles are impossible! Oooo and Alterna Caviar rapid repair spray is another good one. For Shampoo & conditioner I love Ojon damage reverse, Shishedo Tsubaki (amazing and maybe discontinued) another favorite is organic and cheap Desert Essences coconut line is amazing too! Ok I could go on about hair products forever and ever and ever 😉

  7. Alex says 3.20.12

    I have similar hair but not thick. I can totally relate on the frizz end though and have found moroccan oil to be a godsend! I’ve been using the cheaper organix brand version but once I’m done with this bottle I might go back to the more expensive one! I’m still on the hunt for a good curly product – I gravitate toward creams vs. gels or mousse. Have you tried bumble & bumble surf spray?

  8. Bettina says 3.20.12

    Wow, you can go a week with a blow out! I admire your hair, mine is really fine and gets oily so quickly. But I have been styling with more product and can now go up to 3 days which is a big feat for my fine hair. The Bumble & Bumble Styling lotion and texture cream really help hold my style and keep my hair from getting too oily. 

  9. Shay - My Confidence and Me says 3.20.12

    I own so many half-used bottles of hair product it isn’t even funny! 

    My hair is thick, extra coarse, extra dry (though I’m improving this as we speak) and curly….big fat, frizzy curls.  I still haven’t totally mastered how to deal with it – I only decided that constantly blowing it dry/flat ironing it was not worth my time in the last few months, and I am unused to working with curly hair!  I also live in DC, where it’s dry in the winter and a swamp in the summer, so my hair is put through the ringer.  I’ve recently started using Argan Oil, which seems to be working for moisture-purposes (we’ll see about will start getting humid soon).  I keep trying the no shampoo thing, but then my head feels gross, so I’m always trying new shampoos and conditioners.  And products to tame the curls, because without something they’re just one big poofy mess!  Argh.  Hopefully as it gets longer, it will start to weight itself down (so far this hasn’t happened). 

    It defies all reason/product claims…

  10. Alyson -- TAGG says 3.20.12

    Laughing out loud about your Finesse comment! So hysterical (though truth!). I love the morrocan oil and also am a big fan of the garnier spray shine spray I told you about last year. I have crazy hair though not like it used to be. I have worked my hair so I can wait 3-4 days between dries so it’s not as painful each time I go through the process to straighten. Curious to try this hairspray. Have to admit I was immediately drawn to the pink; would be pretty on the counter. 🙂

  11. Rachel Phipps says 3.20.12

    I live by Moroccan Oil, I have no idea what I did without it! I’m also really getting into Shampoo and Conditioner from Percy & Reed, a hair salon in London. 

  12. Becca Atwood says 3.20.12

    I totally agree on the Finesse Curl Mousse- I hate when I can’t find it!  I still remember the first time you used it on me when I was 13 and I ‘learned’ my hair was curly haha.

  13. The PvdH Journal says 3.20.12

    Funny, just a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my long term affair with my hair- equivalent to a rather dysfunctional relationship (aka also love and hate!). I also have thick and wavy (curly-ish at times?!) hair and it took me years to accept it and love it! I could not agree more with you on the Moroccan Oil (can we just dub it a God-Send?!), but since I was 16 (that would make it a decade now!) I always keep going back to Kiehls straightening balm as it just relaxes my curls and makes my hair super manageable! 


  14. Laura | Style Notes says 3.20.12

    I know what you mean about blow drying thick hair…mine takes forever! The right products make such a difference though! I love Kerastase and I’m using the John Frieda Full Repair range at the moment, it’s great. Must check out your picks 🙂

    Laura xo

  15. Kristin & Megan says 3.20.12

    I’ve been meaning to pick up Moroccan Oil forever!

  16. Kirby says 3.20.12

    I’m a total Moroccan Oil addict! Love the stuff, I use a pea sized amount on my wet hair everytime I wash it. I sleep with it in and in the morning my hair is soft and wavy and takes me about five minutes to do!


  17. The forgetful wife says 3.20.12

    I swear by Moroccan oil! I love the smell so much and it adds so much shine! I want to try the Blow pro…

  18. Alex Hubbard says 3.20.12

    My har is super thin and silky, making it difficult to get body. BUT I do love the way it shines. I really need to get my paws on some Moroccan Oil though. I just need to bite the bullet!

  19. Jordan - Queen of LA says 3.20.12

    i do the same thing – stock up on products three at a time! i have an entire drawer filled with “backup” products… no idea what the boyfriend is going to do with that information once we move in together 🙂

  20. SarahRoads says 3.20.12

    I am so jealous you can go a week on a blow out! Love Moroccan oil, now i’m going to have to track down the mousse. 

  21. Lisa @ Elembee, Etc says 3.20.12

    My hair is fine and curly. I’ve just been keeping it short lately and embracing the messy! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t bother with blow drying or straightening because it usually cooperates better when I just let it air dry. I LOVE the Moroccan Oil mousse, and DevaCurl Set It Free — between these two, my frizz pretty much stays under control.

  22. Frankie Hearts Fashion says 3.21.12

    Moroccan Oil is one of my absolute faves! I also use Klorane dry shampoo and Rusk Thickr gel. xo

  23. Feast on the Cheap says 3.21.12

    Oscar Blandi’s Hair Lift Thickening and Strengthening Serum. It’s insanely effective…