Beauty Obsession: Mum & Bub Skincare


This might sound a little wacky, but I absolutely adore using baby products on my (31-year-old) skin.  Most of them smell amazing, a lot of them are all natural, and they are all so gentle, which is heaven for my sensitive skin.  This line is infused with pawpaw fruit and smells particularly.  I have been using this lotion daily (my skin is softer than ever), and I use this ointment on dry patches.  So good.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Love this! I can’t wait to try this line. I love using Mustela on myself so you are certainly not alone in your love for baby products 🙂

    6.12.13 Reply
  2. Is it bad I want to try this stuff just because of the cute name? 🙂 xo

    6.13.13 Reply
  3. I like baby products, too, because they’re very delicate. I often use a shower gel by Nivea which is great and smells so good. I’m also think about using baby shampoo, once in a while.

    6.13.13 Reply
  4. lara ramos:

    the california baby line is a favorite of mine and my contributor, maggie, uses all kinds of baby stuff on her skin, too! it’s an epidemic 🙂

    6.14.13 Reply
  5. i use mustela sunscreen and suave kids apple scented detangling spray, so i get where you’re coming from! xo

    6.18.13 Reply