Beauty Obsession: Memoire Liquide Vacances Liquide

I don’t remember the last time I got so excited about a fragrance.  (Having spent the past 7 years of my career working in the fragrance biz, I’m a little jaded.) And then at this year’s CEW Awards, I got an interesting looking bottle in my gift bag. 

And then I pretty much immediately became obsessed.  It smells like vacation in a bottle.  Instant relaxation.  A little bit of sunscreen, a little bit of orchid.  The fragrance notes are Tiare Flower, Fresh Coconut Milk and Tahitian Vanilla with Oceanic accords.  Yum.  They have three other fragrances, which I have not yet smelled.. but I’m dying to try them next time I’m out shopping.

Want to smell it?  Try it at Bloomie’s, Bendel’s, (or for you West-Coasters, Fred Segal.)  Or buy it online here.

P.S. The packaging is gorgeous too.  The box is like a little book, and the bottle stands simple and elegant on my dresser.

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