beauty news: KMS’s new look

Having spent ages working in branding, I get giddy when I see a good brand makeover.  New logos, new colors, new formulas, new advertising… the marketing nerd in me squeals with joy!  I was excited to hear about KMS’s new look as I used their products all through the late nineties in highschool – but hadn’t heard anything about them for a while.

They threw an event this past Wednesday to showcase their makeover, and I have to say, I’m loving it!  Bright splashy colors, fun new names… you get the gist.

We got our pictures taken…  along with a cute little personality test.  I wouldn’t call myself precious or enchanting, but it was fun.

We took home a boatload of products, and so far, two of them are absolute standouts.  The Makeover Spray is perfect for prolonging your blowout…. it absorbs excess oil; refreshing hair between shampoos.  (If I get a blowout, I like to make it last a good week or so… this is great to have on hand.)  The Dry Touch Up Spray is another blowout lifesaver…  this one, you spray on tired ends to revitalize and condition them.  Since it does not contain any water, it won’t mess with your style.

Loving both products so far and looking forward to trying the rest of the line.

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