Beauty: Dry Brushing

I’ve always been intrigued by the benefits of dry brushing.  It’s said to work wonders.  After all, the skin is our largest (and most visible) organ, so it’s important to take good care of it.  Dry brushing boosts circulation + lymphatic flow, helps minimize the appearance of cellulite, and sloughs off dead cells.  It’s also been said to help eliminate toxins, which I’m all for.  I’ve just started doing it and love the results.  My skin looks and feels better… and is considerably smoother.  The best way to do it is  every morning, before you shower – with a natural brush (I bought and love this one from Elemis…) or a Japanese washcloth.  Don’t get the brush wet – this is meant to be done dry!  (Just be sure to wash your brush once a week using soap and water.)

PS – This is an older post… while I have you, here is an updated, more comprehensive post about dry brushing.

Two to try:  Elemis Skin Brush // Cleansing Cloth

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  1. RealGirlGlam says 6.20.12

    I’ve heard about this before and always with great reviews. Thinking its something I might need to start. Definitely wouldn’t hurt to have smoother skin! 🙂

    • graceatwood says 6.20.12

      I really like it. Skin definitely glows from within!!

  2. Healthyhappierbear says 6.20.12

    I’ve read about these countless times but never made the decision to buy. Based on your comment, maybe I will finally try it!

    • graceatwood says 6.20.12

      You should try it, I really like! xo

  3. Samantha says 6.20.12

    i do this every morning and definitely recommend 🙂 xx

    • graceatwood says 6.20.12

      yeah! love it!!!

  4. Elizabeth Schneider says 6.20.12

    Interesting! I need to try this. 

    • graceatwood says 6.20.12

      You do! I swear by it 🙂

  5. Pve says 6.20.12

    gonna try this!

    • graceatwood says 6.20.12

      yay! I think you will really like it.

  6. Jessica (Bows & Sequins) says 6.20.12

    I’ve heard so many great things about dry brushing. I think you may have just convinced me to try it 🙂

    • graceatwood says 6.20.12

      I really think you should, it’s so great!!

  7. The Avg Girl Guide says 6.20.12

    Great tips. I did this last year at the Four Seasons and it was amazing; very invigorating feeling! Should try it at home.

    • graceatwood says 6.20.12

      Def try at home. Much more cost effective than the four seasons!! 😉

  8. victoria | vmac+cheese says 6.20.12

    I ADORE dry brushing. I’ve been to a few spas where they did it and it always feels amazing. I agree, your skin feels fantastic afterwards, and through all my hippie research on natural beauty, I’ve heard the same things about it eliminating toxins!

    • graceatwood says 6.20.12

      Yay! I figured you were probably into it. I need to pick you + Christin’s brains big time regarding all of this natural beauty stuff… I’m going to get on board eventually – just have so many non-natural products that I really love!

  9. Brynn {chartreuse & a twist} says 6.20.12

    I have definitely wanted to incorporate this into my regular beauty regime…this is a fantastic post 🙂 XO brynn

    • graceatwood says 6.20.12

      Thanks Brynn! let me know if you end up trying, and if you like it!! xo

  10. Merabella says 6.20.12

    After seeing this everywhere I have decided to try it.  Just went an bought a brush and will now try incorporating it into my everyday routine.

    • graceatwood says 6.20.12

      Yay! Let me know how it goes!!

  11. Hypnotic says 6.20.12

    got mine at Whole Foods two weeks ago, it helps wake me up in the morning!

    • graceatwood says 6.20.12

      I completely agree – it’s very invigorating!!! 🙂

  12. Nuha says 6.21.12

    i’ve tried this using a dry exfoliator (uncooked oatmeal and sugar) and it made my skin so smooth.  love it!

    • graceatwood says 6.21.12

      Oh what an interesting idea! I’ve never heard of doing that – thanks for sharing!!

  13. Jessie says 6.22.12

    Oh my gosh, I have TOTALLY been wanting to try this! I actually bought a natural brush a few months ago for this very reason, but it has been sitting in my cupboard unused.  Thanks for breaking it down into steps for us, and now I’m excited to give it a go. 🙂 XOXO

    • graceatwood says 6.24.12

      It’s so great! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it – I’m a big fan. 🙂

  14. Kate Jaffe says 6.26.12

    Big fan of this! I use a loofah with a strap for my hand and it’s great! Recommended this to my co-workers as well!

    • graceatwood says 6.26.12

      Oh how smart! I didn’t think to try it using a loofah!