Beauty Chat: 3 Products Everyone Needs.

beauty chat: ever makeup palette, charlotte tilbury flawless filter, clark's botanicals retinol rescue eye serum | grace atwood, the stripe

We’re back with a second beauty chat. I like having a place where I can just talk candidly about the products I’ve tried, and the ones that really really work. I test so many things for this blog. Most of the time I’m just “meh,” occasionally I’m horrified, but every now and then I try something I really, really like which makes all of the testing so worth it! This column is about those products – the ones I gush to my girlfriends about, use to the last drop, and then re-purchase using my own money. Last month we talked about 5 products (including my FAVORITE anti-wrinkle serum), and this month there are just 3 products I tried and loved. Here they are!

If you follow me on Instagram stories, by now, you have probably seen my obsession with Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter. This was sent to me by the brand and on a whim I decided to try it out before meeting my girlfriends for drink and WHOA. It’s literally Snapchat’s “pretty filter,” IRL. It makes your skin look so good – it may have magic in it, I think? It gives you your most dewy, luminous skin EVER. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup on my face unless I have a big event or a shoot so I just put this on over my moisturizer… applying it all over my face (using the giant sponge tip applicator that is attached to the top of the bottle, and then blending it using my trusty BeautyBlender. The result is natural, glowy, dewy looking skin. Like you’ve got an actual Snapchat filter on your face. For a more “done” look, it is also really pretty layered over your foundation or tinted moisturizer. A reader asked if it reduces redness and no, it does not… so I would apply a little concealer or foundation to coverup redness and then use this afterwards. My shade is 2 – Light! This is the best makeup product I’ve tried in a while.

Also on the makeup front (and things that randomly came in the mail) is this face palette. It’s from a brand called EVER, which I guess is Stella & Dot’s new beauty line! I was actually a little bit annoyed as the brand just sent me the product without asking first (a weird pet peeve but guys the mail situation can be SO bad and I hate waste!!!) That being said, I opened up the products and really loved the idiot proof angle, as well as the gorgeous all white packaging. The eyeshadows in this palette are pretty good but what I like about it is the bronzer/blush/highlighter combo. It comes with instructions and the resulting cheek look is GORGEOUS. Slight contouring w/bronzer, rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks (the blush looks a lot like my beloved NARS Orgasm), and a super pretty highlighter. I like that the palette has everything you need for travel – I brought it to Charleston with just a few other products (brow stuff, mascara, the filter) Sometimes palettes can be annoying as you only use one or two of the shades – not the case with this one; it’s all very wearable and perfect for everyday use.

The last product we need to talk about is this (natural!) eye serum from Clark’s Botanicals. Real talk: I’m not really sure you actually NEED an eye cream – most days I just (very carefully) apply my regular serum + moisturizer to my undereye area, and then use my jade roller to massage it in and help to drain any puffiness. That being said there are days where I look more tired than other days, and on days where I have puffiness and dark circles this guy is a very good friend to have on hand. It’s got retinol in it and this cooling ceramic applicator and I swear, it instantly reduces the appearance of undereye bags. You squeeze the tiniest amount out and use the applicator to gently massage it onto the undereye area. It’s like a vacuum cleaner for undereye bags.

beauty chat: ever makeup palette, charlotte tilbury flawless filter, clark's botanicals retinol rescue eye serum | grace atwood, the stripe beauty chat: ever makeup palette, charlotte tilbury flawless filter, clark's botanicals retinol rescue eye serum | grace atwood, the stripe

Disclosure: I received samples for consideration of all three of these products. I get a lot of stuff in the mail and I make it very clear to the brands I work with that sending product does not guarantee coverage on this blog. Your trust is the most important thing to me – I only feature the best of the best here.

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  1. I’ve never tried any of these products before! The eye serum sounds really nice, will check it out. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.10.18 Reply
  2. oooh -that eye serum is so intriguing. I recently stopped using eye cream as I found it was giving me milia but this one might be a really terrific alternative!

    4.10.18 Reply
  3. I can’t wait to try the Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter. I use her foundation and the wonder under and they are gorgeous. Her lipliner pillow talk is the best lip liner I’ve found, if you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend it! xAllie

    4.10.18 Reply
  4. I have yet to try any Charlotte Tilburry products! They look amazing and always get rave reviews!
    María Eugenia

    4.10.18 Reply
  5. Cory:

    Well…now I have to buy all three of these items. Why are your beauty recommendations always so good?

    4.10.18 Reply
  6. Cy:

    Just ordered the Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter, it looks great! I like the idea of a softer glow( as I get older) and less of a sparkle. I might get the eye cream, it looks interesting and with poor sleep, I do get bags sometimes. Grace, do you have a recommendation for an eyelash curler? For years I used the , every makeup artists “gold standard ” the one by Shu Uermura. When he passed away, all his US stores closed and I feel like I’ve been struggling to find a good one ever since. Mine is too small and narrow and pinches! I have the black Sephora one. I have nice lashes which I have tinted and then I curl them. Like you,I don’t wear a lot of makeup. Thanks!

    4.10.18 Reply
    • Yay – you are going to love it!

      My eyelash curler is just a drugstore one – and I don’t really use it to be honest! I’ve heard really good things about the Shu Uemura one though!

      4.10.18 Reply
    • I might have to try that eye cream ( you’re the third person to recommend it). But I also just wanted to chime in on an eyelash curler because I purchased the utowa curler a few months ago and OMG the BEST. I have no affiliation with them or the site but when you find something amazing you just kind of want to shout it from the rooftops, right?

      4.12.18 Reply
  7. Lisa:

    Would you consider showing how you actually apply the filter? I swear Beauty Blenders always make me look so dry, and how the sponge tip works? I’m so interested to try this!

    4.10.18 Reply
    • Katie:

      Agree! I don’t understand how to use a beauty blender at all!

      4.10.18 Reply
    • Haha I will think about it. My method is not very professional – I kinda just use it to blend the product all over my face.

      4.10.18 Reply
  8. Have this Charlotte Tilbury in my Nordstrom cart thanks to you… I’m super tempted to pull the trigger.


    4.10.18 Reply
  9. I can’t wait to try the Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter, I’ve heard so many good things about it 🙂 Thanks for sharing!1


    4.17.18 Reply
  10. Dorothy Sanborn:

    Have you tried the rose quartz roller or Gua Sha?
    Is there a reason why you’d possibly suggest the jade over the quartz? Thank you!:)

    5.22.19 Reply