Beauty Breakthrough: blinc’s Amazing “Tube Mascara”

I have a little bit of an eyelash obsession.  First I was hooked on LashBlast.  Then I got the extensions.  Then the extensions fell out and I was hooked on Maybelline The Falsies.  And now I’m all over the place.  Rimmel Lash Accelerator is my daily go-to, but I’m also loving MAC’s double wand mascara and that fab bareminerals one that I got in my last Birchbox.  Yes, I know.  Spoken like a true product junkie.

Anyway, I was at Townhouse Spa (aka, heaven) over the weekend and I spied blinc’s mascara at the counter.  Intrigued by the packaging, I picked it up.

“Stop Painting Your Lashes… Tube Them!” proclaimed the packaging.  Hmmm.  What exactly did this mean?  I asked around and the two receptionists began to wax poetically about it, ranting and raving about tiny tubes and no smudging.  And so I purchased said tube, and brought it home.

I got home from the spa and (literally) immediately rushed to the bathroom to give it a try.  The verdict?  J’amazing.  Basically, it forms tiny water-resistant tubes around your eyelashes, and it will not budge (cry, rub your eyes, do what you need to do,) until you take it off.  Removal is easy – it comes off easily in the shower or while you wash your face – and it’s kinda satisfying to watch the tiny tubes come off.

Lashes feel slightly plasticy / fake, but there is no irritation – I like the product a lot.  It’s not for days where you want a high-drama look, but as an everyday mascara, it fits the bill.  And the fact that it is literally impossible to smudge the stuff makes me incredibly happy. 

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