beauty adventures: “modeling” for blow dry beauty bar

Yesterday, I served as a “model” for blow dry beauty bar. (Meaning, free blow-out for moi, learning experience for a stylist.)
First she washed my hair with their “make my day” replenishing shampoo. Then, she conditioned it with their volumizing “blow up” conditioner. I found it interesting that she used a volumizing conditioner (I have a lot of hair and really don’t need much more volume,) but the stylist explained that using a volumizing conditioner actually prolongs the life of the blowout.

Next, she mixed together “weathergirl,” an anti-frizz/climate control serum with “tress relief” a leave in conditioner. She then sprayed on ample amounts of “the heat is on,” (heat protectant,) sectioned off my hair, pinning each section into knots, and proceeded to blow each section dry using a round brush.

An interesting note. She blew out the top section (my face framing layers) first, and then pinned it back in a roll. When she undid it, I had perfect waves around my face.

After what felt like forever (hey, I have a lot of hair!) I was nearly done. My stylist took a bit of “mane tame” pomade, rubbed it through my hair, and proceeded to twist it inti large sections. The head stylist used the mantra, “twist, and shake.” They would twist it, and then shake it out. The result? A perfect blow-out and soft face framing waves. I looked ready for a night out. (Too bad I was still a bit hungover from the night before and headed back to the bf’s apartment to nap/watch golf.)

Oh – and it got better – to thank us, they gave us two complimentary products. I picked the stress relief and the weather girl, but may go back for the Blow Out Spray (the perfect non-stick spray to finish things off with.)

This treatment gets an A+ in my book. Not only was it one of the best blow-outs I’ve ever received, but the products are fantastic (my dead ends are hidden,) and a day later, my hair still feels soft and perfectly bouncy. And being such a product junkie, the free products were a treat. (Hopefully I can attempt to recreate the look at home, though I doubt it!)   I can’t wait to go back before my next big event!

Thank you, blow!!!

Sidenote: I found out about this via Twitter. So, if this isn’t reason enough for you to get on Twitter, then I don’t know what is – join already! Follow your favorite beauty brands and bloggers to learn about exclusive discounts and events (like um, this one!)  You can follow blow at

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