Beauty Adventures… Getting Sprayed at City Sun!

Hello, my name is Grace and I’m a tanorexic.

OK, not really.  Not at all, actually.  And no, that scary looking lady is not me.  Ever since I had to get a mole removed a few years ago, I’ve been a little bit terrified of the sun.  Not terrified enough to avoid it completely, but enough to always wear sunscreen, and to stay far, far away from tanning beds.

Anyway, (probably due to this lack of Spring weather,) I’ve felt a little blah lately.  To counter that, for the past two weeks, I’ve been paying a weekly visit to City Sun in Union Square (NYC) for their spray-tan treatment.

The Verdict:  I’m totally hooked.  It’s a million times faster than putting it on yourself (virtually no drying time after the air dryers go on,) and it goes on incredibly even (meaning no streaks at all.)  The glow is amazing, you’ll look like you just got back from vacation.  It lasts about a week.

S&S Tips & Tricks:  Load up the soles of your feet with barrier cream.  My soles are still turning brown no matter how much cream I put on, and how hard I scrub them afterward.  Also, be careful of hairnet placement.  It should go just slightly behind your hairline – otherwise you will get a funky tan line.  Lastly be sure to get between your fingers & toes with the baby wipes afterward.  Tan webbies are a dead giveaway!

PS – I am totally stunned by how many people go there for “real” tanning.  Tanning beds are dangerous and scary.  Stay away, it’s just not worth the wrinkles and cancer!

PPS – City Sun has a great “buy one, get one” offer going on for new customers.

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