Beauty Adventures… An amazing massage at Townhouse Spa

Over the weekend, the boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Townhouse Spa (located at 39 West 56th Street, between 5th & 6th Avenues.)  We were both stressed and tired from the week, and it was the perfect way to unwind before we started our Halloween festivities!
It was such a treat. The treatment began with a luxurious bath in their HydroSoak tub. I slipped into the Hydro Capsule tub (which felt a little bit like a coffin, but a cool one – with soothing waters and lights.)   During the half hour long treatment, 30 jets perform an invigorating water massage. They add a blend of minerals to the water and infra red heat therapy beams which are supposed to boost the immune system and promote the removal of toxins.   An attendent came by with a cold towel for my face and a big glass of ice water.

The bath soothed and softened every muscle, preparing me for even further relaxation… a 90 minute massage. then I can only describe this as the best I’ve ever had. In my life. The masseur found knots that I didn’t even know existed, and used a combination of firm & gentle strokes with lots of stretching.  (I personally find that massages that use stretching are so much more effective than a standard massage.) 
There are so many great spas in this city, but this one is the best I’ve been to – far and away. 

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